Monday, December 16, 2013


{photo by jennifer upton}
I found my word for 2014. and it's a scary one.

normally, I keep this under wraps until right around the end of the month, the end of the year. there's something about that cresting that has always appealed to me. I appreciate symmetry, waiting for the start of the end to speak about what word is to come. but this year, this year is different.

this year is a big one.

it's been building, this strange activity that I started just for fun. I had no idea that He would use it to change me, shape me in such a powerful way. how could I have known? it was just a clever pastime, something everyone was doing.

in 2012, it was brave, that word I now use far more freely than I ever imagined I would. but He heard me and whispered, brave you will be, dearheart. but it must be built. 2012  was a year of expectancy, of pregnancy, of birthing, of pain and sickness and surgical knives. it was the year of delivery. it was the year of motherhood.  

then came 2013, and with it, came release. I remember wondering, why this word, and thinking of what it could mean for me. I wanted to be made new. I just forgot that Holy fire was often involved. it brought me the first year of my daughter's life, the loss of a dream house and the finding of another. it showed me that I'd forgotten how powerful grief could be as I mourned the death of one grandmother and brain cancer in another.

now 2014 is right around the corner, and it's breathing soft down my neck. it's not stalking me, it's not threatening me. but it is making me quiver as it breathes the word straight from the mouth of the Lion, whispering it over my soul.


when I heard the word, curled under a quilt beside the Christmas tree while Survivor played on the television, my everything shook and I wept. there was something overwhelming about this word. simple letters, laid together in order, enough to make me tremble with the power it brings.

{photo by jennifer upton}
first I was brave, brave enough to climb the mountain. and then came the releasing, the start of the shedding, finding what was holding me back and weighing me down. and now I am on the precipice. and as my precious sister Elora spoke to me, prophetess that she is: nothing is holding you back now. you've released everything. now you're free to fall.

I've talked about this birthing before, this cervix-like opening, a Red Sea of blood with my soul as a midwife and the Lion of Judah as a coach at my back. it's standing on the edge of a cliff with the water beneath me. the waves are beating and the rocks are shaking and my footing is a combination of steady and unsure.

I've been shedding, chips of me falling off and splashing into the water. and now, here comes 2014, right around the corner. and my toes have found the very edge.


nothing holding me back. I'm free to fall.


  1. nice...great word for the year...and def a scary one...but a worth one as well...without a bit of fear you'd have picked a weak one....we need that healthy feal...and the excitement that comes with it...

  2. Dear Rachel
    Oh, I am so excited for you about your word for 2014. It might look scary to stand on that precipice, dear one, but it is the best place to be. The moment you let go of the solid ground you can be assured that you will glide through the sky with our Lord Jesus and His sweet Spirit of Love being the wind beneath your wings. You will land I safe Arms and experience more joy you could ever imagine. I cannot wait to see where He is going to lead you!
    Looking forward with love XX

  3. I'm taking part in OneWord365 for the first time in 2014 and enjoying checking out others' posts about their own experiences. I really enjoy your writing style and look forward to reading how your year is shaped by 'precipice.'

  4. "this cervix-like opening, a Red Sea of blood with my soul as a midwife and the Lion of Judah as a coach at my back." (((((having a moment with these words))))) Oh how I love you.

  5. Such a beautiful, perfect word, Rachel. So precise and so inescapable. My heart is pounding along with yours.


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