Saturday, December 31, 2011

brave :: oneword 2012

my word scares me. 
it's not brash or strong or resilient.

it's not the one i anticipated, or the one i would have chosen. 
it's not fearless or determined or radiant. 

it's brave. 

i obsess over strength. weakness is something that terrifies me. wouldn't i want to be something gripping, something changing that would shake the world's foundations? 

but this is a shaker, in His way. because this world is made of rock and ice. it's fearless or nothing.  courage has been left roadside, ached to be forgotten. 

because courage isn't fearless. courage is being afraid, and standing. 

and i want to dig roots down deep into the soil at the foot of the Cross and wind this vine around the blood-stained wood. 

because i'm seeking courage, and i'm seeking strong found only in Him. 
courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; 
courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.  
:: winston churchill ::

so 2012 will not be a year of squelched fears, but of eyes met and courage found in the sacred corner. 
it will not be a year of silence, of bound tongues and captive hands, but of freedom and voice in the darkness. 

it will be a year of new. 

a one-worded year of Light, of sacred touch and inhaling glory from lungs to tongue-tip and back again. 

2012, a year of brave.

to live is the rarest thing. most people just exist, that’s all.
// oscar wilde //


  1. I absolutely love that quote♥ Brave is a good word to be defined by. Thanks for sharing, and happy new year!

  2. love this, rachel. and i am not surprised by it one single bit. can't wait to see how the Lord grows this and demonstrates it in your life in the coming year.
    happy and blessed new year to you!

  3. Ooooh check out my newest post!! I was choosing brave then moved towards warrior. Love how our journeys are similar. Can't wait to travel together.

  4. brava, my dear. :) i know you (and Him) will do this word justice. happy new year, sweet friend.

  5. Yes - "2012 will not be a year of squelched fears, but of eyes met and courage found in the sacred corner." - It is a reminder that we do not, can not wait til fear dissipates, but that we must live forward, into, always the next step ... for that is the only way to live.
    Blessings Brave One.

  6. Rachel, I haven't chosen mine yet – but I heart yours. Our Lord was brave – and in their best moments the apostles – and so much of the early church was brave. And we're in the middle of the spiritual war – and we have to be brave. You're right – "brave" is a more daring word than the others you could've chosen – I know this is going to challenge you – and I truly hope it'll bless you. God bless you Rachel.

  7. i think brave is a great word of the year! dont have a word but i will be trying to grasp and savor every moment...hey maybe it is savor...smiles...happy new year!

  8. Brave is a powerful word! you are already brave for choosing it! Hoping you already see your own courage!

  9. fantastic quote by wilde. Love the word- inspiring!

  10. Such a great word. I learned so much about it last year. You must be brave to choose the word brave... and you are already showing courage. I cannot wait to see how you and He journey this year.

  11. Brave is a great word. I need to work on that myself. Found you on the oneword365 community website.. My word is RADICAL.

  12. great word choice. Have you heard Nichole Nordeman's song "Brave"? It's worth looking up. "So long status quo, I think I'll just let go, You make me wanna be brave. The way it always was, is no longer good enough, You make me wanna be brave." My One Word this year is ORDER.

  13. Brave...yes, I need to work on that when it comes to saying yes to God. I agree that brave wouldn't be my first word either, but it will be wonderful to see how God uses it in your life.


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