Sunday, January 1, 2012

understanding brave :: being

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it's the first of three sixty five. 

i woke up this morning and laid in bed, staring at the curtains as they fluttered in the frozen breeze. 
:: and i didn't feel brave ::
i made coffee, the first strong pot of a new year, steaming in my mug with fragrant wisps of steam. 
 :: and i didn't feel brave ::
and i looked out the window at the snow-less ground that could perhaps be confused for spring. 
:: and i didn't feel brave ::  

but brave isn't feeling, is it? because feeling lie and emotions betray and too often hearts don't know what they should, and minds know too much of what they shouldn't.

no, brave isn't feeling.

it's being. 

it's not about awakening and leaping from bed to floor with sword in palm. it's about living, all on its own. about thinking less and meditating more. about inhaling and exhaling and repeating the action a thousand times with barely a thought. 

that's my first portion of brave. 

the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was greater than the risk it took to bloom. 
:: anis nin :: 
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because brave isn't a battlecry, not really.
it's a love song. 

it's those halting, lonesome notes that ring over the night. it's the sweetness of a Lion's song, of a call to come and drink. 

because brave isn't something that comes naturally. it's waking, and knowing. it's living and breathing and standing and clinging to the mast in the storm and knowing that there is an end. 

it's watching the gale blow from the shelter of His arms, and knowing that a Lion's mane is stronger than a thousand storms. 

it's not being unafraid, because fear comes and fingers shake and there's so much unknown in the silence. but He promised a rainbow, and it makes me brave to know that colour comes again and grey is broken like shards of glass that slice the bonds between Life and death. 

it's brave to be His.


  1. "It's about living" - indeed it is.
    And that we breathe, that is enough.
    Happy first of many brave moments to come.

  2. Wowie. Beautiful, beautiful post, Rachel. I have never really thought about bravery "being" instead of "feeling". You put that into such great perspective.

    Happy 2012, friend!

  3. Brave is a love song . . . Can I quote you?

  4. Just amazing. You took the words right out of my soul. Being brave is just that -- being. It takes more bravery to live than to just exist.

    Happy 2012 =)

  5. Yes, it is brave to be His, but there is comfort found in His arms! I'm so thankful to be a daughter of the King!


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