Saturday, January 7, 2012

brave life :: on skin

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i read a quote today, the first line of a blackout poem from the seeker heart of a girl whom i would call an inspiration and a friend. 

life printed on skin
a self-portrait must follow

this quote curled up and nested in my soul from the moment the words passed from eyes to mind. 

for a long time today, i sat and pondered, because i wasn't sure why these words spun silken threads of Light around me and held so fast. 

life printed on skin. 

and then i was drawn back to brave

because everyone sees your skin. 

yes, you can cover certain areas with clothing, even bundled from head to toe if you so choose. but you know what's there when the lights go out and the garments slip from shoulder to floor. 

it's not tucked away under flesh and blood and bone like secrets that even x-rays can't reach. it's like the tattoo that stands bold on my wrist, thick black lines that the whole world can see. 
and it's a choice we have. 

a self-portrait we must follow. 

we can tuck down and hide, ducking behind the blankets and begging the world to close its eyes and just look away, just for another minute of invisibility. 

but i feel like He holds out fingers to those corner-clingers, the ones that ache to hide in shadow. and He speaks of sacredness found in freedom, those footprints in the sand when we let Him left and carry. 

i'm brave now, or at least, i'm striving

striving hard to live eyes to the sky with outstretched arms, bare with scars and marks. 

because He's in love with them, and so i must be, too.

in love with those lines and lines, thin and thick in black and white and whispers of technicolour of this self-portrait that whispers to His mercies, His glory, and His salvation. 


  1. I too, am intrigued with this saying.

  2. I didn't even think about all of that when I made it, but I love your interpretation. Lovely! :)

  3. i love that painting! and the foot tattoos are simple, yet elegant. Lovely post!


  4. congrats on making me tear up. :) i think you know why this post speaks to me so much. i usually want to hide, today i did try to hide...but i want to strive to be brave too. can we strive together? (it's hard for me.)

  5. I love your words and the images that you paint. I love that you are striving for bravery and I listen, soaking it all up.

  6. I love that interpretation of the poem - beautiful.


  7. Such beautiful words. <3

  8. This is truly gorgeous. I just found you today through Gypsy Mama and I'll definitely be back. I look forwards to getting to 'know' you :D


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