Tuesday, July 24, 2012

briefly // maternity pictures

i know i've been silent. i know it's been quiet here, but i've been finding my own corners in which to meditate, and that has let me beside still waters where words are few and moments are precious.

we're down to the end of this pregnancy, almost. 34 weeks and counting, almost, down the final moments where it's just two of us and not three.

i promise i'll be back with more insightful thoughts and quiet musings in the days to come, hopefully by the end of the week.
my sister took these maternity photographs for us late last week, and i am finally able to see and share them with you. 

i'm embracing this thing of stretch marks and body scars...expect a post on them in coming days. i have a lot of thoughts and a lot to process, though i feel that my words won't convey the magnitude like i would hope. 

but i will try, as i always do, and maybe i'll hit even just the edge of the target. because the edge is better than a complete miss, after all. but i'm aiming for the bulls-eye here, seeking to go further up and further in for her as well as for me.