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those of you that have been following me for any length of time know about my dreams and my bucket list. however, recently, i searched my heart and found that so many of my dreams weren't mine, but were reflections of my own people-pleasing perfectionism. thus, i have redone and rearranged my bucket list. some things have been completed, most have not. and still, oh, i continue to dream :: my dreams
  1. Go to Europe
  2. Complete a manuscript of my book {completed October 31st. 2014}
  3. Have my book published
  4. Get a tattoo {completed December 30th, 2011}
  5. Cook my way through The Art of French Cooking by Julia Child
  6. Sit with heart-sisters I have met via blogging, etc. {completed June 18th, 2014}
  7. Join The Art Journaler community {completed July 1st, 2013}
  8. Ride an elephant
  9. Compete on The Amazing Race
  10. Compete on MasterChef
  11. Own our own home {completed August 26th, 2013}
  12. Perform in Les Miserables
  13. Perform in Into the Woods
  14. Perform in Wicked
  15. Direct a theatrical performance {completed September 24th, 2010, Hansel and Gretel}
  16. Make my own art journal {completed July 5th, 2013}
  17. Write/host my own e-course
  18. Purchase a Wreck This Journal {completed on May 21st, 2013}
  19. Have a baby {completed on September 16th, 2012; Marian Abigail, 9 lbs. 6 oz.}
  20. Have a meal with Gordon Ramsey
  21. Take an art class
  22. Get my degree
  23. Have my book turned into a movie
  24. Have coffee with Shinji Moon
  25. Be confident enough in my own body to post nude/semi-nude {completed June 10th, 2013}
  26. See Owl City in concert {completed June 30th, 2011, Summerfest}
  27. Take an extended trip only by train
  28. See Florence and the Machine in concert
  29. Eat a French macaroon {completed April 2014}
  30. Own every Pixar movie ever made
  31. Be in the audience at The Ellen Show
  32. Meet John Green
  33. Attend culinary school
  34. Direct a musical {OZ!, completed September 23rd, 2011}
  35. Make it on to the New York Time’s Best Seller List
  36. Visit Hogwarts @ Universal Studios + purchase my own wand
  37. Visit Machu Pichu
  38. Visit the Effiel Towel
  39. Visit the Sistine Chapel
  40. Stand on a Broadway stage
  41. Meet J.K. Rowling
  42. Meet Douglas Gresham
  43. Go to New Zealand
  44. Have my own garden
  45. Have a pet pig
  46. Own a donkey 
  47. Dye my hair something bright and different
  48. Have dreadlocks
  49. Direct a large-scale musical (Annie, Into the Woods, Newsies, etc)


  1. great bucket list. :D i love dreams and dreaming.

  2. Oh my word. BEST. BUCKET LIST. EVER.

  3. you SO need to get those dreadlocks. They belong on you. I love your writing, so authentic and raw. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  4. I love it. That you know without a doubt that these are your dreams. That you want to live so fully. That you take the time to search your heart and care for yourself in this way. It's a beautiful list.


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