Saturday, January 28, 2012

glorious emptiness

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i feel empty. but in a good way.

as though my self has been rung out, and tenderly folded over the edge of the sink. it sounds awful, i know. but it's a beautiful kind of emptiness.

morning by morning, He's filling me anew, and showing me that it's alright to be silent for a time. and i know that my blogging voice is has been quiet in recent days, but i feel like it's the break i've been needing for months.

since July, i've been blogging every single day. partially because of the inspiration flowing, but also because it's felt like a requirement. something i needed to do to keep myself in line in order to feel connected.

but now i'm learning to relax. i'm enjoying being pregnant, for all the discomfort and exhaustion that comes alongside this journey. i'm overwhelmed, and that's more than alright.

oh, this is a dance, steps that i have never learned before that i am now starting to understand. these slow movements turned to a pounding beat of resting...resting...resting...

and i'm standing here with hair undone and loose, and eyes wide open to see what lays before my bare feet. this is a good journey.

oh, so much glory.

overwhelmed in love. toes pressed against the base of the cross.

bear with me, friends, as i learn to juggle this exhaustion and temper myself with glory. 
and pray for me, as i measure out and find my new center. 


  1. oh, Rachel. this is lovely. and I always think there's a kind of freedom when I/you/anyone comes to the realization that blogging should only come when we want it to--not because we feel like we have to. it loses its joy then. but when we can let it go...then the true inspiration has time to come.

    overwhelmed in love. toes pressed against the base of the cross.
    ^I want to be there.

  2. praying for you, love, and the little one that resides within you, too!

  3. learning to relax is such a good, healthy thing, dear Rachel. praying for you and your babe. <3

  4. I love the freedom you are surrounded by, it is becoming.
    Yes, such beautiful becoming.


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