Thursday, January 12, 2012

why sacred :: relationship

if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you will have noticed my fervency for the sacred, my new and hounding pursuit of holiness that has taken over my life in recent months. i've turned my attention toward seeking Him in everything, every breath and every step. finding Him in the rubble as well as in the consecrated.

but that has not sat well with everyone.

i've heard from several different people in my life that what i'm doing is dangerously false and far from His truth. because sacred is in the Church, in the Word, and in the ordained.
isn't that right?

that was last week. and i felt something start to spin off-center in my heart.  wasn't this what He was telling me to do? wasn't i going His way, following His pull?
was i wrong? 

and this week, this video appeared. i saw it posted here and there, on one friend's wall, and then another's twitter. and then i clicked play. and i sobbed.

because it was my answer to these careless-flung words from one broken heart to another. because we've knocked His hands off the cross and hid the bloodstains under the carpet. we've repainted His face and highlighted mismatched sections of the Word until the sacred has been turned into stigma.

it's not a museum for good people
it's a hospital for the broken.

religion says do.
Jesus says done
religion says slave
Jesus says son

and this was my answer to the questions and the controversy. and i felt ashamed of myself, because this should have been my answer all along. 

and i cannot thank Him enough. because this is what i've been trying to say, and couldn't form. 

and so i find myself clutching brave again, like a drowning solider with just a scrap of fight left, unwilling to surrender. no more making Him small because it fits better. He isn't supposed to fit, after all, but change. 

when He said it is finished
i believe that He meant it.


  1. YEs...he weaves a scarlet through all.
    Colossians 1:17
    And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist.

    Our job is to see HIM in all things...
    our perspective changes our lives
    when we see HIM the whole of life comes ALIVE!
    (also writer of Poets Prose)

  2. I know I use this word too often to describe your writing, but you are a beautiful inspiration. I have been persecuted for what I believe, even among 'brothers and sisters in Christ' as well. It's the most difficult kind of persecution. From now on I will remember to cling to BRAVE.

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. not everyone is in the pursuit of brave. You keep on your course...let them take won't be sorry you were true to YOUR heart.

  4. YES YES. I finally watched that video and subsequently posted it on my wall. And that line...about it being a hospital for the broken...really captured me as well. And I cried too. Keep pursuing the sacred in everything. (and don't ever feel ashamed. Jesus is very anti-shame.) you are beautiful, dear friend.

  5. I saw that video swirling around on facebook, and never happened to open it until a few days ago. Wow. A message that touched my heart. So true. Not that church is bad, but so many people that make up the church have forgotten this. Spread it far and wide, sister.


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