Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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i serve a conundrum. i worship an enigma.

a roaring Lion, King of Judah. a Lamb slain, silent before His murderers.
Living Water that burns like fire. 
a Man dead turned God alive. 

and i am in awe. because i'm unworthy, and still loved.

is it strange that barefoot equals a gesture of sacred? that exposing the dirty, broken toes that pound the earth step after step and still, that's what He wants as my act of humility?

the King of Glory wants my lowest. and all i have is enough for Him.

i want to bite into life and be torn by it
:: anais nin ::

and i do.

because He stood on cliff's edge with the Devil at His back, whispering the sweetest lies into the ear of the Son of God. and the Word was flung back, this double-edged sword which finally drove the serpent to its belly again.

oh, lead me to the cross
where Your love poured out.

this enigma i worship, the awe shudders in my soul like an ocean wave.  this Son of Heaven turned all Man but still all Deity.

:: the One who knows all is jealous for me ::

because my God is not simple, but He sees me simply. forgiven, covered, no shame here. this is the most complicated simplicity. sinner turned saint, demeaner turned daughter.

oh, the glory.


  1. Oh what a lovely post. I'm on a journey to find this God. The one who is love. It's not been an easy walk and still so far to travel.

  2. The most complicated simplicity, indeed. This is beautiful and raw and true. Thank you.

  3. I have goosebumps. No one has ever put it this way! Your words are poetry. I must share them with those I love.


    1. is the best way...smiles...and it is awesome that god is an engima...if i could figure him out completely what would be left...but i am glad he sees me simply as well...

  4. i want to bite into life and be torn by it
    :: anais nin ::

    What a fantastic quote - thank you.

  5. glory indeed. <3 (sorry i haven't been around much...i have been oh so busy and it makes me sad that i can't comment on everyone's posts the way i used to. :( i'm still here and reading and still here in heart. so much love.)

  6. is it strange that barefoot equals a gesture of sacred?

    this really made me think... i love the sacred shock the gospel gives us, every time...


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