Sunday, January 22, 2012

drumbeat :: magnify

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a precious breather occurred this weekend. i was going to apologize for not blogging in two days, but i'm refraining.

i'm honestly not sorry. 

i love this place i'm in right now. it's a breathing place, a place where Light overwhelms and rest is finally accepted.

it's a dancing place, a place of scarves and bells and so much leaping to the music of glory as this soul magnifies again and again.

this year is barely twenty-two days old. and it's already the best year of my life. perhaps a cliche, a redundancy that everyone speaks in moments of joy. but this is more than this heart can bear.

:: i'm pregnant ::

these are words i still struggle to speak because of their newness and the awe that accompany their presence against my tongue. as the weeks are ticking by and my exhaustion is deepening and my appetite for every food in sight grows, i also start to smile broader. as this little one gets bigger within me, i cannot help but magnify.

:: i'm going to Europe ::

i'm boarding a plane to Germany and Prague with my little sister in April. i still am in utter awe to the point of falling to my knees with elation and wonder. in a matter of hours it went from maybe to impossible to official, and this trip is now in the middling stages of planning. and again, i magnify.

my soul doth magnify the Lord
and my spirit rejoices in God, my Saviour. 

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there are times when i feel that my level of blessings overflow above and beyond anything i could have ever anticipated.

and then in the moments of darkness when hope seems barely fingertips from reach, i remember this.

these dancing moments where glory brushes the earth and i find myself streaking cheeks with earth in lines of warrior paint and the drums of pounding hearts set the beat for my soul to leap.

oh, i am brave, soul doors thrown open to let the sun warm the broken corners.

oh praise Him.

:: EDIT :: Europe has fallen through. and though my heart broke all afternoon and tears flowed like water, i am still rejoicing. because there is something here for me, something to which i should cling. and home is where i should be now, i see. and i am still magnifying. 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you. (:
    and have fun in Europe! Take lots of pictures to show, and enjoy your time with your sister. (:

  2. you're going to Germany? i have absolutely no words to express my levels of jealousy at this moment. like, no words. indeed, i am happy for you, but...AHHHHH!!!! I WANNA GO WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! :P bring me along and i'll be your translator. not that my German is particularly good...but maybe better than yours is? ;) i'm so glad you get this opportunity. :)

  3. yay, have fun! although don't they say pregnant women shouldn't fly?

    1. normally they do, yes. but i called my doctor and flying is just fine so long as the pregnancy is not high-risk or in the later trimester.

  4. Rejoice anyway! God has so many wonderful plans for you- all that is important for Him is that you bloom where you are planted. He is our gardener. Sometimes there's painful pruning, and sometimes there are ordinary days! Congratulations on your pregnancy- that is a marbelous gift! Patsy from

  5. So much to be joyful for! Sorry about Europe falling this time. However, God's timing is perfect and I'm sure the opportunity will come again. Enjoy this time of celebration1!

  6. omg...iwas about to go estatic...with a baby and europe...sorry your trip fell through...that is a dream of mine..and maybe still you will one awesome though on the is so amazing...scary at times but so awesome!

    1. i'm elated and so excited. it's going to be a remarkable journey, that's for sure.


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