Wednesday, January 4, 2012


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yesterday, i wrote about how i need to learn to rest.
today, i can't.

because i'm sicker than i was yesterday, and my head is full of a pounding like tribal drums but much less beautiful and far more painful.

and i spent an entire night tossing and turning against a pillow tower and sneezing through a swirling patterned box of Puffs.

but lack of sleep has given me time to think. time to reflect and meditate, even on this word itself.

:: meditate ::

because it all goes back to be still and know, as i sit with patchwork quilts draped over always bare toes and the twisting swirl of fragrant tea steam slowly fill the air with soothing.
and i let the television sound fade to a mumble and the music to a background whisper. 

:: and i meditate ::

maybe not with crossed legs and crooning chants of syllables repeated. today i find my peace with candleflame flickering and a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

why have we pushed meditation out of our faith circle? when did we stop allowing peace into our hearts?

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one thing I have asked from the Lord, 
that i shall seek: 

that i may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, 
to behold the beauty of the Lord
and to meditate in His temple.
:: psalm 27:4 ::

it's when we open. it's when we refuse to close, no matter the hour. when we are unafraid to shiver in glory, and when the scared becomes the sacred. we stop looking at the mirror that seems so ground, and we turn our gaze inward, upward. 

when we stop and inhale. when we became brave to approach, to contemplate this thing of so much boldness and so much peace all at once. 

i'm embracing Him, i'm inhaling glory.

i'm meditating. 


  1. ugh i hope you feel better soon...not fun at all...but it has slowed you to be open to this...stop looking in the mirror and turn ourselves inward and upward...always a good thing...smiles.

  2. So sorry you don't feel well. But glad it brought you to a place of meditation. I am really bad at meditation my mind wanders sooooo much. But I am working on it. (Also I have spent all day listening to your perfect playlist! I love it so much)

  3. I struggle with meditation so often he has to get my attention another way -- like illness. Embracing Him...Inhaling glory -- your words make my heart hunger to meditate.

  4. get well soon! sickness does suck, but it can have hidden blessings. i'm glad you have found one. keep meditating and drawing closer, my dear. may you have special times of communion with Him.

  5. it's hard to rest, but it is oh so healing.
    may you be well soon.


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