Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Who knew a building could hold so much?

Who knew a place with so many masks could have so much freedom locked inside?

Did you know you could let go here

be yourself here

be sacred here?

It's more than song and dance. More than rhythm and jazz. More than masks and repeated words and lyrical lilting to impress a crowd.

have you ever felt that feeling

the one where it's just you on a fresh-blacked stage, all the lights low except for those ones on the stage that illuminate your yellow brick road...your Parisian streetcorner....your New York alleyway.

Elphaba. Epinone. Rodger. Rooster. 

We all live here. 

that's the place where i learned to fly.

it's the place where we put the masks on our faces and remove the masks from our hearts.

it's our freedom corner, you know.

amid the music. the clash. the brilliant lights that make you sweat and the crowds of people that make your heart and stomach trade places.

i hear the Stillness. the Silence.

the Voice that transcends the chaos of theatrically. 

it's there He takes my mask off.

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  1. This is amazing, Rachel. You dance with words, with streamers of truth. <3 found you on Imperfect Prose.

  2. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. lovely write...when He takes our mask off and we are comfortable with it...what peace...

  4. I try to live without a mask, but I find I'm more "like-a-ble" with it on. Love your words. :)

  5. This is a beautiful word. My favorite? it's the place where we put the masks on our faces and remove the masks from our hearts.

    We all need a place where we can do this -- on a stage, on a canvas, on a blank piece of paper.

  6. so beautiful. <3

    keep listening to that voice which transcends chaos.

  7. I love this!!! It's one of my favorite descriptions of the theatre. It's not just a building or a hobby. It's a lifestyle choice.

  8. i always wanted to do theater...always always. i thought i'd be good at it. but i never got a chance. so music was my thing. symphony orchestra concerts. where i'd get chills and try to hold back tears of joy and wonder while playing the opening chords of the finale of Beethoven's fifth symphony. sorry...random reminisce. :) but maybe that kind of performance does relate. i wear a mask of concert black, blending in with all the others, yes, the mask from my heart is gone, when i play from the depths of my very soul. anyway. why is it that your posts are always so thought-provoking to me? :) i love it. thank you, dearheart.

  9. This is so so beautiful, and I can totally relate. The theatre is a beautiful thing. There is hardly anything I enjoy more in the world than going to the theatre for a Broadway musical, or being part of the theatre and acting myself. It's a really is. <3

  10. and the only way we can truly feel Him, see Him, be with Him, is when our masks - those pesky things that go on for the world - are off.

  11. This is beautiful! I've read it over again three times now.

  12. Beautiful!
    You took me on a journey with your words.

  13. beautiful, beautiful write. thank you for the sharing.


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