Saturday, August 13, 2011


Walking on the moon. They said we couldn't ever.

He walked on the water.

Artificial heart values, prosthetic eyes, mechanical limbs. They said it was "against nature."

He healed the sick. Gave sight to the blind. Made the lame walk again.

We fiddle with concepts of life support and how to save those we love from death.

He spoke, "rise," and the dead opened their eyes.

We seek selfishness, how can we love without giving anything of ourselves? No commitment, no attachment.

He let Himself be ripped apart, bled dry, and tortured to death...all because of Love.

We weep and plead at the end of our lives, wailing in fear "this is the end. There is no more."

"Death is swallowed up in victory....where is your victory, oh, Death, where is your sting?"

I serve a bigger God than this. I serve a King above all others. I have a Father forever to hold my hand. 

I follow Jesus. 

To the ends of the earth and back again.


  1. I LOVED this. :)
    This post was incredible.

    God Bless~

  2. Yes! Amen a hundred times over. :D

  3. Amen, deary! What a mighty God we serve<3 <3 <3

    Love you!<3

  4. Wow, how 'amen'able!

    and I have a question for you. About Sponsors. You said you needed to start getting paying sponsors on, I think it was Qui's design blog, How do you do that? I mean, Do you just say, "I'll feature your shop and a item if you pay me X amount"? I'd love to make my blog work for me so I can get more designs from Qui.

    If you can reply on my blog so I can be sure to see it, that would be awesome!

    :-D ♥


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