Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today is a beginning.

Today marks the launch of an answered dream.

It is the start of something which I have been planning on doing for quite some time, that has now fully come to fruition.

Today is the start of answered prayers.

today, a new writing blog was launched.

In collaboration with my best friend and literary soul sister, Alexandria (Petals and Freckles), we have together begun a writing blog. It is a place to post our thoughts, our inspiration, and our novel-esque ideas for the world at large to enjoy and survey. 

It is also our headquarters for our 2011 NaNoWriMo endeavors. We are writing separate novels, but we will be cheering and coaching one another on, and this new blog gives us the most wonderful opportunity to walk this road together. 

We will both continue to post on our respective blogs as normal. So please, fear not, loves. Nothing is being lost or moved from here to there. 

It is simply an expansion. 

And so, with awe and wonder at the majesty of my King, I am humbled and honoured to present to you


  1. Oh goody! I love your writing, and Ali's also looks wonderful.
    I was glad to see that you are another NaNoWriMo girl. I can't wait until November!

  2. I love it!!! I love the name and I love that you are doing NANOWRIMO now I don't feel quite so weird and alone :)

  3. absolutely love the title.
    and for the record it's thrilling to see you've joined the dark side, and by dark side, I mean an affinity for the occasional, humble, relaxed lowercase letter. it's so good for the perfectionist soul.


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