Tuesday, August 30, 2011


photo by PinkStudios Photography
today, my mum turns 50. 

honestly, i have a hard time believing that's true.

maybe it's because i just can't see my mom aging. or maybe it's because she hasn't changed hardly a bit since i was a little girl.

of course, she's updated her hair and her wardrobe choices

the credit for this can primarily be given to my little sister
burning the black and pink-floral stirrup pants
and modernized shopping sprees

but honestly, she hasn't changed. 

she's still my mommy. she's still the one that brought us coffee in bed and read us books every morning, even though we didn't always want to take part. 

she's the one that surprised us all several years ago when she ran break-neck speed up a hill to play an improptu game of hide-'n'-seek while we were out for a walk.

she's the one that does the funny faces, the "ostrich neck," and attempted to do the cupid shuffle on our Florida vacation.

she's the one that laughs so hard that she can't stop. 

who can't be tickled, or else she gets injured (every single time). the one who takes forever to pack for vacation, and then brings enough for a month on a week-long vacation. 

she's the one who passionately loves my father, and has worked alongside him for more than 25 years. 

she's the one i still call when my heart aches. she's the one known for a listening ear and a tender heart. 

her prayers shake the world.  

her children will rise up and call her blessed.

mummy, i am rising up and calling you blessed. 
you have done wonderously. you have walked the path to heaven, and we are following you close behind. i am so glad to have you in my life, to call you Muvver and Mummy and Mummy Dearest. 

thank you for adopting me. thank you for opening your heart to another woman's child. thank you for following the call of God and marrying Daddy. thank you for making us a family. 

thank you for loving me regardless. thank you for wanting me. for caring for me. for being everything you are and have been to me. 

happy birthday, mummy.

 i love you


  1. This warmed my heart. You truly have a fantastic mother, but I'm not going to lie: I think mine takes the cake! I'm so excited for both you AND your father that she comes home today! Praying for her flight to be safe!

  2. How sweet. I love that you call her mummy. That's my name for my own mummy. Some people don't understand, but I love that name.

    And, burning the stirrup pants gave me a giggle. :) In the past my mum has mysteriously lost some clothing after Dad and I had put her clothes away. :) (Though I have to give her credit, those times were few and far between. )

  3. This is beautiful, Rachel! You are right...you do have a wonderful mother who loves you dearly!!! And I'd say she has a pretty great daughter to recognize her in this way. Have a great time reuniting with her and celebrating her special day, today!

  4. Wow. What an amazing woman! Beautiful post.

  5. Rachel, well spoken of your mother! A dad is very proud of a child or children who will rise up and bless their mother. You did this admirably! Love Daddy

  6. Hi Rachel! Nice work, guessing those first 2!
    As to your other comment, about wanting a picture, we'd be happy to do something like that. We also do full blog designs (full packages with personalized picture). But if you're only wanting the personalized picture that's fine!
    If you're still interested, send me an email (on my blog sidebar, just click the contact button) & I'll flick you some prices;-)

  7. What a lovely scriptural tribute. You are fortunate to have each other.

  8. So, so sweet. Loved this post. God gives mummy's a special place in our hearts.

  9. Oh Rachel...what sweet words to this mama's soul! You have a powerfully strong memory! Lots of good times...fun times...ridiculous times. Good thing I can laugh at myself...well...usually! Unless I'm reduced to hormonal tears...then the laughter comes later! Funny thing, I rarely think of you two sweet things being adopted...unless I'm telling your God story to someone or we are visiting with your birth families. You have both become part of who I am after 21 and 18 years of lovin! Thanks for this gift from your heart...best present ever! ♥ I love you so! ♥ M.D.

  10. your mother sounds like an incredible woman. :) sounds like God has truly blessed you and your family. <3 and i'm sure it has and continues to be a powerful testimony to others.


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