Thursday, August 18, 2011


Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers. ~Voltaire 

I have found myself in a field of questions these days.

Some have been doubts, others have been curiosities.

Each one of them have sent me running to the Heart of my King. And there we sit together, He and I, as I run my fingers over the pages of my Bible. I will never cease searching for the answers that I know are within for me to take and draw into my heart.

Questions are not a lack of faith. Please never let anyone tell you that, because it is such a vicious lie. How can we learn if we do not ask? How can we step forward until we gaze up at the Cross and whisper, "why?"

We just have to be prepared for the answers. If you dare to ask, you must be prepared for the forthcoming answer.

Last month, I opened up my blog for my readers to ask me any question they wished me to answer. The ones I received were beautiful and thought-provoking, and I answered them all about a week later.

I am about to do the same thing again.

I want you all to ask me anything.

Stay close to the surface, or dive deep beneath the surface. Stick to the simple delights of life, if you loves, my hates, the beauties of life....

...or push into the darker jungles to ask me about my fears, my hardships, my struggles, and my pain.

I have never promised perfection. Not once. 

What I have promised is reality. Openness and a soul bared before the Throne, as well as to each one of you. 

We grow from the witness of others. From knowing we are not alone in our pain. From knowing that there is more beyond this moment of fear. From knowing someone else has walked this path.

The only thing I ask is that you keep your musings free from expletives and appropriate for public discussion.

So please, 

let go

and ask away. 


  1. What do you think is the popper age to date, and why?

  2. what's one thing that some people do that causes you much pain? (e.g., my answer to this might be something along the lines of, when people think they are better than others and then harshly judge people accordingly. think: Pharisees)

  3. Do you wish to become an author someday?

  4. I would love to know how you met your hubby. How old were you? Where? All those beautiful details. :)

  5. who/what is the last thing you think about at night and who/what is the first thing you think about in the morning?
    what has God been speaking to you about this week (through His Word etc.)?
    if you could fluently speak another language, what would it be?
    do you want to have children?

  6. What House do you think you would be in if you went to Hogwarts? What's the last movie you watched? What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? :)


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