Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I never write random posts.

Truly, not ever.

Which, in all honesty, is very odd.

I am an incredibly eclectic person with a whimsical mind that tends to wander a bit more than perhaps it should at times.

But today has been so dreadfully hot, as though the fingers of the sun had become lonesome in their cooler home, begging for just one more moment to turn the earth into a simmering mass of melted souls.

Perhaps it is this vile heat, drawing me down into a puddle of nothing but dreams.

 Perhaps it is simply the creative spirit within me, whispering

compose again
dance again
write again

that draws out a need to speak in regards of some lovely wisps of colour that have passed alongside me today.

  • this blog. a place laden with tea leaves and Jane Austen, laden with the aroma of Earl Grey and whispers of vintage dreams yet uncovered. this place belongs to my best friend, Alexandria, of whose mid-March engagement I wrote about here. this is not her first attempt at blogging, but this is hopefully her last attempt and first complete success. i promise that you will not be disappointed by her writings in the least. visit her, stop and say hello, if you would?
  • the slight design changes i let myself make to the blog tonight. simple new header, new quote from my favourite authour. just the little things. do you like? 
  • the summertime wonder of crickets chirruping and cicadas trilling. the beauty of this warm evening's soundtrack, shutting out the nonsense and drawing out the stillness in me again. 
  • this song. could it be any more perfect for a day like this? it's a silhouette of perfection. i am lost in its wonder. 
  • the wonder of my King. oh, how His glory endures. 
  • the final week of my giveaway is upon us. take a moment and enter. i promise you will not be disappointed with what is in store. 
  • the impact that imperfect prose on thursdays has had on my writing. everything is different. i'm letting go of so much inner perfection, my incesant need to be flawless at all times. i'm learning to fall in love with lowercase letters and let the magic flow without my inner voice wailing at me to edit just once more. and so, my dear Emily, I thank you.   
These are my evening wonders. 

forgive me my tidbits. 

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.  ~e.e. cummings


  1. I like your new header. And as far as this reader goes. I like your tidbits. Don't apologize for them. : )

  2. finally getting around to read your sweet blog!
    i really love your new header :) i remember the other one, too . . . beautiful, how you work the quote into it!

    i'm going to go check out that "petals and freckles" blog...

    hope your night is sweet ♥

  3. how pretty! love your new header and the quote.
    i LOVE your tidbits, they are inspiring!

  4. :D I love your "tidbits" (such a cute word) and you do random oh so classy! Haha, I admire you. :) And that's a really cool blog you linked to! I followed. :)))

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog, it made my day.


  5. I love the random tidbits, Rachel, dear! And the new header? Simply fabulous-tically gorgeous!!
    Love it, darlin'!

  6. lowercase letters are so freeing. : )

  7. I loved this post, dear :) everything about it made me smile.

    1. Petals and freckles is just a darling little blog. already following :) thanks for sharing her with us!
    2. Your new look is lovely. Everything about it just feels good.
    3. I am glad you are finding ways to pour yourself out into your writing—imperfections and all. I struggle with “perfect post” syndrome, as well, but that freedom to just post whatever is on your heart feels glorious.
    4. That quote at the bottom simply inspired me today <3

    love your tidbits, dear Rachel; please never hesitate to share.


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