Tuesday, August 30, 2011

winner (August Giveaway Winners)

the time has come again.

the entries have been given. the gifts have been beautiful.

and now the winners are to be chosen.

i cannot thank Molly and Claire enough for everything they have done to make this a place of charm and delight.

and now, please join me in congratulating the three winners of this inspired giveaway, chosen via Random.

Melody -- beautiful song or strain of music, authoress of Vividry, winner of item no. 1: afternoon coffee petite glass earrings

A dream I have yet to complete... being able to play a song on the violin... something that sounds beautiful. 

Ashley -- vision, authoress of Cherry-O, winner of item no. 2: any scrabble pendant of her choice

 Own a little white and green cottage in Ireland, surrounded by a lovely rose garden and a white picket fence. I think I'll have a cat or two lounging in the window seat. A tea table is spread out every day, and it will be my little heaven on earth. There I will write my great masterpieces and be known around the world as a dreamer or dreams.

Destiny -- fate, authoress of Adorkable, winner of item no. 3: any scrabble pendant of her choice

Always wanted to go to Paris and bring along a vintage camera that works!

my delight for you all is beyond words. please send me an email (dramaticelegance1009 [at] yahoo [dot] com) accepting your gift, along with your mailing address. 
for those of you who won the scrabble pendants, please also send a link to which one you would like from Claire's shop
may blessings abound
and may your dreams never grow smaller
only bigger. 


  1. YAY for us! I sent my stuff to you.

  2. Congratulations to the winners! I awarded you, Rachel, with the Liebster Award on my blog, by the way.


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