Wednesday, August 3, 2011

grace alone

Photo: the sacred life
Artist Unknown
Sometimes, it amazes me just close to the edge I can get.

Just how much I can wander right along the knife-blade without tipping downward.


Just how far from the seat of forgiveness I can step before I realize that the ground has since disappeared

i am walking on Grace alone.

Sometimes, I find myself at a loss for how much poetry I dream and then promptly forget upon my waking.

It is a powerful ache to realize just how much this world of chaos, of tears, of sleep-stolen moments and overbooked days has ripped my art from me.

It used to be a poem I breathed...a poem of mercy and love that never ceased but only continued to run and run until the stanzas were breathless with words of Him.

And then I awoke. And I forgot it all again.

And then I remember.

i walk on Grace alone 

that lingers in the day and in the night, in the waking and the sleeping.

i breathe His poem.

all hours. all days.

No more knife blade. No more ripped parchment.

i walk on Grace alone. 

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  1. Beautiful words. I love the photo that you chose to go along with this piece. You are a very talented writer. I can't wait to read some of your other posts.

  2. Wow, seriously well-crafted. And oh, the terror and reward of walking the sharp edge of the blade, so near to the cliff's edge...

  3. The photo is so dramatic. Your words capture the perceived danger in walking by Grace alone. But, we know we are already saved.

  4. grace is a beautiful thing indeed...i can relate to the forgetting of poetry as well i figure it served its purpose...

  5. stunning, sweet friend. simply stunning.

    (and i'm glad to see you at emily's place. i adore her.)

  6. your space and words are beautiful. love that quote at the top, too.

  7. Lovely!! And so true!!

  8. I am a visitor from emily's Imperfect Prose and am in love with the photos in your banner - + your beautifully constructed word pictures!

    I am glad to have "met" you! And another follower of Aslan...

  9. I am captivated by your words and I feel the similar post. Emerging from a busy life, stripping away all that that does not breath life so that I might have breath for Him.

  10. wow. this is gorgeous writing friend. truly.

  11. Dreaming poetry sounds lovely, to walk on grace alone challenging. But both I long for.

    P.S I heart your playlist!


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