Monday, August 29, 2011

positivities. {61-70}

(via Pintrest)
another week has come upon us. another Monday has now arrived.

unlike last Monday's good-morning perfection, this Monday has already asserted itself in an attempt to bring me down under a chanting weight

so much to do.
so little time.
long. days. ahead.

i suppose, in a way, this little voice is speaking a measure of truth. 

i do have a great deal to accomplish today. 

i do only have 24 hours in this day, nine of which I have already slept away. 

and yes, this week has the potential to be either remarkably wonderful or disgustingly hideous. at this point, it could really go either way. 

but i have a choice.

 i could either allow myself to become overwhelmed by all that lies before me, take all of my hard and somewhat heartwrending situations of the week and internalize them, and then explode under the extreme pressure...

...or i can stop. i can breathe. i can know the Truth, and hold it closer than ever. and i can walk the path, doing what needs to be done...all the while remembering to breathe, and remembering to lean on the One who carries me through it all. 

and i can remember to be blessed. 

  • 61. my mother and sister are coming HOME. tuesday night. after almost three insanely long months without my best friend-slash-sister, and one without my dearest mother...they are finally returning back to the USA. please forgive me a moment while my father and i go leap about the still very empty farmhouse like overly-caffeinated bunnies.
  • 62. one month to go until opening night. it's almost here. i can taste it for it's closeness. i just have to survive the next month of off-book act polishing and tech/set conundrums until that curtain finally opens and i can say it's done.
  • 63. laundry. the one chore i hate more than any other. but for all its hassle, it bears a certain measure of calming silence in that mostly-deserted laundryroom. save for the humming of the machines, all is quiet. and i can find a moment of stillness there. 
  • 64. the continaul reminders that i am not alone in this walk of life. the message from a friend saying, that meant so much, just that talk. the little email with its words of wish you were here with me. these are the little comforts. 
  • 65. spending hours talking with my dear engaged best friend. receiving text messaged pictures of the most flawless vintage wedding dress, discussing colour schemes and bachlorettes, and remembering that this path to the altar and to her adoring new groom is growing shorter with each passing day.
  • 66. the new writers blog. it means the world to me. to ali. to dreams come true and visions realized. 
  • 67. rango and tangled. being a child for just a few hours, laughing and loving those animated films which delight my soul. 
  • 68. crying. the healing power of tears as they pour down my cheeks. the gentle reminder of the One who knows my heart. just a little while, dearheart. a little while and all will be as it was again. just wait a little while. 
  • 69. His mercies. oh, may i never cease to praise Him. 
  • 70. pintrest. whiling away the hours, listing and pinning and admiring such beauty. an addition, to be sure. a blessing, even still. 
this week could go either way. i have much to do, and little time. 

but i am not so small as my enemy would like me to believe. 

for greater is He who is in me
than he who is of the world. 

linking up with multitudes on monday.
a beautiful challenge. never forget. 


  1. Love your blessings! Tangled was delightful, and I always enjoy watching a Children's classic for a bit of "childhood" reminiscing.

  2. This spoke to my heart in the nick of time. :)

  3. Simply lovely.

    I can't wait to post my "multitudes" tonight. BTW your Pinterest is lovely! I can't wait to look at more of your pins. For now, I have spent too long already on the internet. : )

  4. Here from Ann's, and can't tell you how lovely it is to see a beautiful melding of faith and arts (with intelligence thorwn in!). Your list is beautiful.

  5. I love 'Tangled, ' too - and I need to slow down and enjoy each moment as well. The to-do list is always too long!


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