Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.  ~John Muir

It's raining today.


I don't really even know how much rain we've had this summer, but it's been an incredibly high amount. How many times have I awoken to the shuddering crash of thunder, followed by a blinding jolt of zig-zag electricity?

More than I can count.

It's actually raining outside my window right now. I can hear the rush of the cars through the puddles on the street, the damp whisper of the leaves in the wind.

But it's not raining in my head.

In my head, I'm wandering through green hills, rolling and speckled with ruins that speak of days unseen for a thousand years.

It's not raining there. It's sunny, blue skies with the most beautiful whisper of clouds across the skies. I'm not saying I crave perfection. I just crave the utmost glories of nature.

Rain, stay if you must.

For in my head, you are merely the soundtrack to the Jane Austen vision flowing behind my eyes.

I crave the natural.

I crave the green.
(This post was written draftless. No editing, no stopping, no saving for later. I wrote as I wrote, and stopped when I stopped. This is the meaning of draftless.)


  1. This was a beautiful post. I love raining! ♥

    PS. Your blog's layout is so pretty!

  2. I linked up my post. I enjoyed doing this. : ) Thanks for the good idea!

  3. What a lovely post! I plan to link up with "draftless". I have too many drafts, and I need to learn how to write without editing, stopping, and saving for later. I think "draftless" is a great challenge.

  4. 1. the music on your blog is fantastic! :DDDD omg I'm the biggest Adam Young/Owl City/Sky Sailing... Regina, Mayday (been listening to them on repeat for a couple weeks), Breanne duren, and I didn't think ANYONE else knew who Josh Radin was! :DDDD

    Anyway... 2. I'm following you! :)))


  5. What a great place you have here! And I love these draftless posts. It's amazing what pours out when editing isn't an overbearing factor.


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