Monday, January 9, 2012

do not :: no try

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i have felt guilty all day. i haven't blogged, and i honestly didn't really feel the pull.

but it's Monday, and i make my list on Monday.

and then i read this post. and i felt less guilty.

because i don't have to. and i never thought about making that list before, never really got the idea that maybe it would be okay to not do something. that maybe it would be healthy to not do.

:: and so today, i don't have to ::

  • vacuum
  • fold laundry perfectly
  • paint my nails
  • shave my legs
  • worry about anyone but me 
  • stress over things out of my control
  • drink tea
  • put on makeup
  • act like i have it all together. i don't.
  • feel overwhelmed. 
i'm bad at not doing. i'm very good at overdoing. 

because i'm still sick, still sniffling and coughing and aching all over with tissues and quilts. and i need to rest, and i need to breathe. and i need to know that it's okay to not do, and just be. 

and that's my gift today. that silent moment when i jump into the pool from the in-between and His country. i'm lingering close to the surface today, because today i don't have to drown. 

i can just be. 


  1. Sometimes, when I'm stressed over what I feel I am obligated to do (and I'm really not), I do a Vulcan calm technique, believe it or not, it helps calm my emotions, and helps my thinking clear.

    Don't worry about blogging each day, Rachel. Your writing is such a jewel, we don't NEED it each day!

  2. I'm with Ashley...I re-read each blog twice immersing my soul in its Truth. Tonight was my evening to just fade into the hear my thoughts in my head and my heart.

  3. I love this! I am bad too at not doing...

    I'll let you in on a secret...yesterday I realized as I was drying off that I only shaved one leg....and I didn't do a thing about it :) :)

  4. I love your list. I got home from errands and felt drained, but felt guilty just sitting on my chair, maybe reading a book. And then I thought, God is offering me an invitation to just be for a bit.

    And I took Him up on the offer.

  5. I've never heard of a list of things I don't have to do! This is so liberating!! I'm sooo bad at resting. My husband often tells me to take a break. Obviously, I needed this post today!

  6. Hope you feel better soon! Be sure to take time to relax!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  7. two words: GO YOU. this is a lesson maaaany of us have to learn. go rest up. get well soon. we look forward to hearing from you when you're well. <3

  8. I like the idea of an I-Don't-Have-To list. Your last one speaks to me. We can make a choice to be less overwhelmed.

    Glad you linked up with Getting Down With Jesus. :)

  9. I love the idea of a list of "I don't have to" items. I need to make me one. Oh wait, I don't have to, but I want to.

    Rest and be at peace!


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