Tuesday, December 6, 2011

breathing phoenix rain

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sometimes i wonder just what i am. i wonder if all this writing i do ever amounts to anything, if all it will ever do is sit in the recesses of my computer.

every time i read over my old work -- those worlds of my own creation, those characters whom i love like pieces of myself -- i wonder if anyone will ever see them, ever treasure them like i do.

and if they did see, would they love? or would my mountain become their molehill, lost in translation and unconveyed in their importance to me, to the world?

this fear almost cripples me. it's almost enough to jerk my words from me into darkness and shut the light tight on all my aspirations.

but without words
i wouldn't be able to breathe

not really. because see, that's what He gave me. to some He gave song, and to some He gave paint, and to others He gave a stand.

but i received words. He poured them into my soul, wove my spirit from ink and parchment and inspiration that i have yet to fully uncover. and He begs me

be writer, dearheart.
be this thing I made you to be. 
:: be writer ::

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and so i keep writing. not for money or fame or any sort of plans set in stone.

but for love. 
only for love. 

and in this darkness, in the silence of night, my fingers grasped something and held on tightly. and i set my fingers to paper, and the ashes parted to reveal that which was hidden.

phoenix rain.

right now, there is so little. but it's enough to pull at me. for love, for wings, for future and dreams.

i have my breath. my paint, my canvas.

my story. 
her story. 
:: His story ::

all together now.

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  1. I.love.your.words. My life is richer having read them.

  2. i, too, am glad that you write your words. so much that i encourage other young girls and ladies to read them. which says a lot about how highly i esteem you, rachel. carry on with the passion and beauty with which God has gifted you.

  3. This is breath taking! Thanks for your words, your poetry, your writing, your story, her story, and ultimately HIS story! Blessings from Tuesdays Unwrapped.

  4. You speak so well of your love. And this very act of speaking, declaring your paradox, allows you to embrace your deepest fear alongside your holiest truth, and this, this is living.
    Thank you for visiting my blog tonight, I look forward to looking around here, where it seems you share with such abandon.


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