Wednesday, December 7, 2011


do you ever wonder 
what you were born to do? 

do you ever watch the street musicians, battered guitar and plastic tub drums tucked into cement corners? do you ever watch their eyes?

because if you did, you'd see something. something raw that only a seeker could find.

you find the spark. every dreamer has one, i promise.

do you ever wonder why there that's moment when tears roll down, but not from sorrow? from that agonizing beauty of perfect joy found when you find it.

:: that spark :: 

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that cross in the windowpane, that little moment of gaze when the sun peaks over the ridge and pours over your face.

that moment when hands go up and eyes fly shut, because this is praise in a way. it's pure Glory, pure majesty. it's that thing when the world goes black and it's You and God and nothing else. spotlights shut down and the room is dark but everything shines.

because it's what you were born to do. it's what your soul craves, that voice in your heart that cries

sing. breathe. paint. 
be artist, be writer, be vocalist. 
be spark. 

and there's nothing you can do but listen. because we are, after all.

because we're doers. we're breathers.

we're dream touchers, star-gazers.

{sharing this imperfection with emily today}


  1. I've always wanted to be a singer/songwriter like the Barlow Girls or Britt Nicole or Carrie Underwood ever since I was a young teen. Ever since then that fire has still burned. After I went to an amazing conference for teens, that fire has gotten bigger. I can feel it more. I've always had a passion for music, and I always will. No matter who tries to take it away from me, I will always go after my dreams. I don't want to be a singer for fame. I want to be a singer to reach out to others.

  2. smiles...i immediately answered yes to the question and enjoyed the journey...i though i had it once...the answer but it danced away and i am finding it once more...

  3. "agonizing beauty" yes. this brings perfect joy as a result of pure glory.
    and that spark. . . what a gift it is! one that can keep on giving if nurtured and not squelched.

    loved your post. thank you.

  4. i love this. yes, i know that feeling of crying because of agonizing beauty and pure joy. it's a magical feeling. this post was what i needed today. thank you for inspiring and encouraging me.

  5. And, my ... how you radiate in that God-Light. Thank you for linking your voice to our community today.

  6. "from that agonizing beauty of perfect joy." this is what i feel when i paint. a lovely write, friend. thank you.

  7. This is why, after all these decades, I still write. And why I play the violin.

  8. "Because we are" - those three words are my anchor, we are, I am -- Because I AM. Keep writing your praise, your stumbling, your living.


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