Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent wanderer

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the first week of Advent is coming to an end.

this time of preparing, of gently laying out the steps. these weeks leading to Christmas are filled with decorating and Christmas card envelopes.

this is the solitary candle, one lone light cutting into the darkness, whispering

this heart is ready. 
there is a place here. 

i'm trying to touch this Advent. to bring the sacred down to Earth, because i want to live there. i'm reflecting on this thing of grace turned Man. 

i'm still not sure if i know what that looks like in the now. because it feels enormous. i'm overwhelmed with the reality of Light coming to the darkness with intent to save, intent to sacrifice, and intent to die.

i wonder if He knew. did He always know?

His mother knew, gazing into the face of Sovereign Innocence that had come from Heaven and her body combined. she knew this Warrior child would save the world, save her soul.

save the future and the present.

:: not all who wander are lost. ::

this is me this year. this wandering seeker tangled in Sacred and Holy and overwhelming Love. 

this place of not knowing and being okay with not knowing. this place of accepting mystery as mystery, and reaching trembling fingers toward the Heavenly One.

this place where all that is gold does not glitter, but is, in fact, the brightest of all. 


  1. I love your writing. It's so beautiful, always.

  2. I like how you say: "...I want to live there."

    I've often struggled with carrying Advent all year long. Love this simple beauty, Rachel. Happy waiting.


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