Friday, December 16, 2011

connection in the Sovereign

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when i tell people that i blog, sometimes i get the strangest looks. when i mention a friend that i have made, how dear she is to my soul but our only connection has been the one that flutters through cyberspace, the looks intensify.

because it doesn't make sense, if you give it too much thought, and if you don't understand.

how does it work, exactly, for women of every walk and every age and every standard to merge their souls and bare their hearts to one another?

does connection take face to face, hand to hand, and breath to breath?

or is it about heart more than flesh?

because there is love that radiates 
from screen to screen. 

there are voices that ring together with laughter over steaming coffee mugs, and then there are the clusters gathered to weep and mourn a broken heart with tears that flow in brokenness, despite the distance.

there is connection. 
this i promise you.

this is the blending of earthy and sacred. i've said it before, and perhaps too often.

but, oh, God became flesh, and gold became straw.

and connections become invisible and fingers touch and grasp together.

these sisters, these seekers that stand together with one hand stretched to Heaven and the other pressed to qwerty keys, they understand.

this is sacred connection of the strangest type.

this is Sovereign sisterhood.


  1. Oh yes. It has been the posts of dear sisters online that have lifted my heart these past two years and given me the courage to blog since July.

    This: "gold became straw" immediately flashed a picture of Rumplestiltskin. And yes! God turns our values upside down, inside out, because they're the wrong way in this world.

    God bless you! Pleased to meet you, Beth

  2. i'm with her ^ i immediately thought "rumpelstiltskin." and this post was so uplifting! i get those strange looks too. well, whatever. they're missing out on wonderful connections to be made :)

  3. I probably get the strange looks, too. But you know what? I've been making friends online who mean so much to me, and I'm so thankful for those connections God brings into life.

  4. Oh, yes, I can agree. I've connected with a few bloggers more than I ever thought I would. Thankful for this sisterhood!

  5. Rachel this is a beautiful post and spoke to my heart so much. My dearest friend is one I met on the interwebs and to think without our blogs I would not have met her. He gives beautiful gifts...even via this crazy big internet world.

    (you just made my heart so I write this comment I am hearing one of favorite pieces of music on the LOTR soundtracks...I get teary just listening to it!)


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