Thursday, December 29, 2011

last hope's gaze

i am secret.
i am silent.
i am sometimes forgotten, even by myself.

because i'm too eager to slice a vein and pour my heart out to another, leaving myself parched with life flowing away and yet, i find myself still wondering why i'm so weary.

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i think it's because i feel selfish when i take, when i turn my eyes inward instead of gazing outward at those around me. because there are broken ones, a thousand of them, and i'm just one.

but i'm still one. and i need to not forget that so easily.
and by One, i am never forgotten. 

why is that we are so able to stretch out fragile arms to those around us, and forget about that person who wears our skin and breathes our air? that one of a kind suit of flesh and blood tangled around soul and spirit and sanctified? 

i think it's okay to be woman. it's okay to taste the sting of death and come out the other side alive. it's okay to not be strong all the time. it's okay to rely on another's arms to bear you up because your legs have turned to shaking, and your heart has turned to thudding. 

you don't forget the face of the person who was your last hope.
// suzanne collins :: the hunger games //

sometimes, that last hope seems impossible to even find anymore. 
but it's there, i promise you.

and when you see it, you never forget His face. 


  1. oh, so touchingly poignant and beautiful and moving...and right on. i love that quote from the hunger games. i'm almost finished devouring the entire trilogy. but thank you for this post tinged with rawness and pain, and turning to hope...reminding us that our last hope will never desert us.

  2. mm, good use of a great quote :) And that is a lovely picture -- i recently found that pic on pinterest too. have a good day, rachel :)

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. I struggle with this as well... thank you for voicing what often is so hard to say.



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