Sunday, October 2, 2011


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{note: this post was inspired by this post from the beautiful Sarah at Emerging Mummy. it lit the candle under me. i can't be silent now.}

we are more

these Christian daughters of this world, these women and girls and widows and wives and mothers and sisters and singles and barren and overflowing with love regardless of this cobblestone we stand upon.

we are more. 

we are more than these invented definitions of femininity. we are more than kitchens and apron strings. we are more than decorators and mothers and wives.

we may be these things. but we are more. we are not silent. we are not insignificant.

we crave like you.

we crave voice. we crave depth. we crave more than modesty lectures and reminders to be the weaker ones. we need more than cooking classes and socials.

we do not have to have one extreme or the other.

either sex symbol or wallflower.

this must not be. 

we need more than our silent allotments of stand and sit and worship and listen and nothing more than this.

we crave Him. 

we ache to go deeper.

we want to search His will and see His heart and wrestle with Him in hand-to-hand until we find ourselves undone and exposed before Him.

He chose us too. 

and not only the housewives or the silent servants.

every woman has a calling.

and He chose us ALL. 

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Martha, Martha. 

follow your sister, Mary. for she {this sitting enraptured seeker} has chosen what is right. 

he took those broken women. those defiled women.

those prostitutes at which the world painted whore. those vagabonds with broken homes and no husbands. those eager follows who sat and listened and yearned for Him. those water-bearers and thirsty souls.

every walk. every phase. every calling.

those hem-grabbers. those cross-clingers. those outcasts. those reachers. those tender open hearts who wanted Him and Him alone.

we are women. we are vessels, full of Him and aching to overflow.

we are brave and strong and beautiful and beloved.

we are more.

we are voice. love. power. 


Let us RISE to the questions of our time. Let us SPEAK to the injustices in our world. Let us MOVE the mountains of fear and intimidation. Let us SHOUT down the walls that separate and divide. Let us FILL the earth with the fragrance of Love.
Let us be women who Love. 

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  1. This is so fantastic. So amazing. So proud of you!

  2. Rachel - I've been following (or if you prefer, 'ghosting') your blog for a while and haven't really commented at all, but this post moved me to. It's beautiful. And it's helped me understand. I'm still trying to reach myself under everything, and this post got me one layer further. Being who I am is emotionally draining for me, and this post has helped me see that I'm more than society's version of a woman. Of a girl. Of being someone who is either easy or a prude. I'm not a toy, I'm not something to be played around with. I'm more. I'm a young woman. I'm a girl who has rights and boundaries and feelings. And this post has helped me realize that. So I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks, for the depths of my heart. From the depths of my thirteen-year-old being. Thank you.

  3. More than modesty that line.

  4. this was i won't ever be the same again.
    -jocee <3

  5. Every woman should read the book Set Apart Femininity. Just sayin'.

    Your post brings it to mind...

    I haven't read the entire book, but from what I HAVE read, my heart wishes for every female soul to know and understand what it says.

  6. @anna olivia: are you saying that my post has brought that book to mind in a positive or negative light?

  7. Here Here!!!!
    so true. I see this so often.
    I was raised by a tough woman so I don't struggle with the good girl image that much... but I always want to shake women up and rise up the sleeping giant which is all women together.
    Thanks for speaking it out.

  8. This is an amazing post, Rachel! I'm so proud of you for challenging every woman who sets eyes on your blog, dear. We can make a difference whether we are a wife, single, mother, executive or homemaker. We've all got a voice and mind and we should use them more often. Yes, HE did CHOOSE US TOO!

  9. love love this.. we are more.. more.. that word calls out ot my soul!

  10. just visiting from hear it,use it I cheered and then I wept at your powerful words.And I'm feeling a bit challenged - in a good way - about my Martha tendency. thank you

  11. Oh, amen. What we could do if we didn't let labels and categories box us in. Oh, what we could do for the Kingdom. Such beautiful, brave words.

  12. AAAMEN. This is who I want to be when I grow up (and now, too)- someone that goes out of the normal boundaries of what women are expected to be and do.

  13. over and over again, as He walked this earth, He echoed the sentiments you wrote here: we are women. we are vessels, full of Him and aching to overflow.

    May we all receive the love that has the power to overflow in our hearts and spill out again to those who are desperate for Him.

  14. Beautiful post, your words. We are all chosen, all beloved, all benefactors of His grace and spirit... not tied by definitions or contained in boxes.

  15. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, my luv.


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