Friday, October 21, 2011


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the word
now GO...

i love this word. 

this idea of going beyond...

...beyond what is normal, what is accepted, and what everyone says should be.

perhaps it is the seeker in me, the little girl with TOMs and searching eyes barely hidden beyond choppy bangs that may have never grown up. 

she's still here. just six years older and a little wiser, or maybe not. 

i'm still aching for the beyond. still digging through fur coats to find the snow at the back of the wardrobe. i'm not about to stop that search, and it's about more than a magical land.

it's about the beyond. the more. the bit of unseen that i know is there, fingers out and reaching at the beams of hidden light. 

i want to go beyond this world. beyond this place of feeble and insignificant. because anything can be made beyond. because we were made for greater things.

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if i find in myself desires that nothing in this world can satisfy, i can then only conclude that i was not made for here. 

i am not of here. i am of the beyond.

i am a citizen of the land of Love and Salvation and Light. 

i am a daughter of the soon. 

tired of this glass dimly, aching for the fresh eyes of Heaven-sight.

i want to catch that White Stag, find that hidden door, step past the train platform of Shadowlands and come into the brightness of this ended dream.

of this morning beyond. 

i'm ecstatic with the knowing that beyond is here. and i can touch it.

i am living in the now, living in the soon, living endlessly in the beyond. 

i don't have to come back to reality

because i'm already there. 

He promised, and i believe.

beyond is soon. 
beyond is here. 


  1. magnificent... Just as Christ, we too are of the "already but not yet" :) lovely writing

  2. Oh i was totally going to write about Narnia too.. lol
    so true.
    how to get people to understand there is so much more out there?
    you are doing a great job.

  3. Awesome post! I love this ... "still digging through fur coats to find the snow at the back of the wardrobe" Genius. I'm going to borrow that someday if that's ok =) I will give you credit. Thanks for a heartfelt awesome post!
    ~ blessings robin

  4. Thanks for stopping and leaving the lovely comment. "i can then only conclude that i was not made for here." lovely, and I so identify. I love that we can go beyond in our now. beautiful post.

  5. I can almost sense and taste and live beyond every word that you've written here. We are more than ourselves and we can grasp that greater beyond if we keep on living...and we will through His sacrifice even after death. The beyond unknown is full of warmth to me and my imagination.

    I thought of that C.S. Lewis quote when I saw the writing prompt too! Lovely post, friend!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful phrases. Love this: "i am a daughter of the soon." Yes!

  7. So much C.S. Lewis and Narnia-ish magic. ♥ His quote about being made for another world totally came to mind when I started reading your post.


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