Sunday, October 23, 2011


{my parents on their wedding day}
i love fairytales. i love happy endings.

i love those storybook moments that make people sigh and give those little smiles and maybe, just maybe whisper into someone's ear

that'll be us one day

i grew up watching a fairytale. not a perfect one, not one without the occasional villain or rolling fog or even broken-hearted tears. 

but still a love story. a passionate beautiful thing where two people pledged their love and it remained. 

for twenty-nine years


my parents are a legacy in their own right. barely into their fifties, but still a legacy. 

their love is a bonding of heart and soul and everything good and sacred.

{my parents on their wedding day}
 if you want to see a God-touched love, a soul-rippling marriage

take a look at them. 

twenty-nine years ago, my Daddy wed my Mummy. 

he still looks at her the same way as he did then. 

they still dance in the kitchen to silent music. i still hear them laughing in that secret teenage way.

and i know they are still passionate together.
not just romantic. but passionate in that way only man and wife can be. 

and it was never hidden. 
{my parents on their wedding day}


stop, the children are watching. 

he kisss her lips daily. more than, even. and he has never hidden his affection and admiration for her. not to us, his children. not to anyone.

yes, they have their secret intimacies, as do all couples.

but they are newlyweds forever. holding hands, singing, dancing, raising my sister and i in full view of that love. 

she still blushes when he looks in her direction. i've seen it, i've seen the notes and the flowers and the little signs of this and that. 
and they're my parents.

{my parents on their wedding day}
i'm fortunate to have parents still this much in love, twenty-nine years since they said i do. 

perhaps my bias is higher than most, but i am confident that i have the greatest parents in this world.

their covenant connection to one another is Biblical, strong, and connected by cords of love that only the King of Kings could weave.

they cling to Him. they cling to one another.

til death do us part.

happy anniversary, Mummy and Daddy. 

i love you so much. 

wise men say, only fools rush in
but i can't help falling in love with you


  1. that is such a blessing. seriously, you have no idea. happy anniversary to them both. (:

  2. Beautiful (I know I always say that). I know how you feel, it's such a blessing to have parents like that. To be such good examples of you want in your marriage.

    Thank you.

  3. You have a wonderful way with words my sweet Rae Lee! I've been praying since before you were born that one day...our children would surpass us in everyway possible. You are headed to that destination in so many ways already at the tender age of 21. I am honored with your tribute...and humbled to be your Mummy! ♥


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