Saturday, October 22, 2011

seasons // time

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this is a morning for musings.

a morning for acoustic guitars and indie lyrics that soothe the soul with a caress. 

i feel like i'm sinking more and more into Ecclesiastes

there is a time...a time...

what is this time? 

i know this is the time for new beginnings. the time where earth must die for newness to be born. 

autumn is the fade. winter is the rest. 

unless a seed falls into the ground and dies, it cannot bear much fruit.

i think we forget that. we focus on the brightness and rejoice. but when the fade comes, prelude to the rest, we groan. 

but there is beauty in the fade. beauty in the rest. 

the sun is not going away. it never leaves us. it just takes a moment to slip behind the clouds. the light does not go out, it merely changes for a time.

only for a time. 

do we forget this passing of time? winter is not forever. 

it is not a White Witch curse.  
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it comes and goes. 
it has a time. 

this is why i cannot curse or begrudge any season. each one is a cloak of beauty for this earth in which we dwell, a sign of Love's fingers. 

He died for life. 

a step from Throne to earth. a Life given for life to be made new. there is a time for everything.

He did not stay below the earth. He rose. He returned. He lives still. 

this glorious conundrum that is my Jesus. 

this season is passing. 

this time of autumn is caressing, this time of winter is swift aproaching.

curse not. 
only love. 

there is a time for everything...


  1. this is truly beautiful. your words are so true and wise. i enjoyed reading! i think God is so gracious to give us different seasons and to change our scenery.

  2. Oh my...this is pure loveliness to read. Perfection :) I love how you compared the seasons to fade and rest and then soon, a new dawn will approach us and new life will spring up...

    I love all the seasons but am tempted to groan rather loudly when winter is fixing to set in...but this, this has reminded me to take joy in it all. After all...there is a time for every season :)

    Thank you.


  3. I always love the transition between seasons. Funny, fall always feels like an awakening to me--this baring of all that hides; brazenly dropping all covering. And winter? Rest, yes, but also the place of vulnerability and trust.

    Such s beautiful post. Thank you.


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