Thursday, October 6, 2011

standing life

what makes a mover?

a ground-shaker?

what does it take for transformation?

it takes doing.

it doesn't take sitting back and watching others innovate. others change. others make a difference.

it takes standing. 

what difference does one person make in the course of the world?

a lot. 

because this entire world is made up of individuals. different dreams, wishes unlike any other. touch a face, and you will feel a dream. because we all have them, whether we're willing to acknowledge them or not.

what can these broken people do?

we can hold out dented fingers and say

do my cracks match yours?

innovation is more than electronics. more than inventions. more than progress.

it's the hearts behind.

every pulse that beats is a rhythm by which to dance. a path by which to skip.
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don't sit in the dirt, waiting for the King to return. don't dig up your unused talent and then hold it up in empty fingers saying,

for You.

take your little and make much. take His gifts.

live radically.

don't just exist.

but live. 

‎"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." ~Steve Jobs. 


  1. It takes standing...this is perfect. Great quote and tribute to Steve J.

  2. I love that Steve Jobs quote. I still can't believe he died. So sad. The world lost an amazing innovative genius. Very inspiring. And inspiring post too dear. I love your writing. this post is a great tribute to Mr. Jobs.

  3. This is awesome. What a powerful quote.


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