Monday, October 31, 2011

writing eucharisteo {152-159}

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this is my last Monday of rest, in a way.

at least for the next month.

each day comes with its own level of responsibilities, its own little list that softly whispers take care of me, check me off. 

but as of tonight {or rather, tomorrow morning} at 12:00am, i will officially be launching into my third year of NaNoWriMo.

 this will mean i will floundering in word counts, coupled excessive amounts of tea and coffee to keep my tired, wrung-out brain from sputtering to a halt.

this is one more thing on my self-imposed to-do lists. and i bear the slightest fear of burning out.

but i know i won't.

because i have written eucharisteo on my wrist.

 i will weave this thing of gratitude, grace, and joy deep into my soul as i compose each word. i will not grow weary, nor give way to frustration or despair of completing my seemingly daunting goal.

and even in my chaos of daily life and 50,000 words, i will continue to count my ever-growing blessings, one at a time.

  • 152. the support of family and the one i love as i embark upon this {perhaps a bit insane} mission
  • 153. people in my heart who bear me up as Aaron to Moses, lifting my arms as i grow weary in doing good, never letting my passion drop. 
  • 154. the voice of God, clear as knell in my soul. 
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  • 156. the cutting comments regarding my most recent post, and being featured on a site that rips apart Christian writings. Matthew 5:11-12 has never rung so deep and true in my soul. i cling to Him alone. 
  • 157. trees decked only in orange and red leaves that line the block outside my window. the artist that paints my soul has not ceased her singing. 
  • 158. my new affiliation with Shabby Apple. standing for beauty and modesty, and knowing that i am not compromising. this is a blessing beyond words. 
  • 159. refreshment for my heart. freedom for my soul. this is Love, dear ones. 
and so i will be writing. i will be finding my moments with the King amid the black and white scratches upon the paper. i will be delving deep with Him this month. November will be beautiful. 

wallpapered from door to window with blessings. 

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  1. that is really incredible that you're going to write a novel in a month! I've only been following your blog for about a week but I love reading your well crafted posts and you certainly have a way with words! good luck - and may god be with you!

  2. You have one heck of a gorgeous blog. Thanks for sharing a few pieces of grace with my heart. Such rich blessings. Praying for you as you start this month long journey- I'll drink some tea for your bleary, weary eyes, ok?

  3. girl, i think i'll be praying my way through the month of november. let's do this together with HIM. stay strong, my beautiful writer friend!


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