Thursday, October 20, 2011


quirky people make the world.

especially those of us who pass daily down the pavement without even a whisper of those little wonders that make so perfectly unique?

do we suddenly awaken to realize that we bite our nails, that we always tap-tap the top of our soda cans, that we turn off every light in the house except the one above the bathroom mirror?

and those are just the little ones.

i think we all have habits that even we don't realize.

the quirks that make us unique, the ones that set us apart from everyone else in the world.

i'm the biggest advocate of quirk. maybe it's because i have so many of my own.

i'm all about embracing the individual. because we weren't made to fit. we were made to break.

we were created to stand out, to be set apart.

why blend? 

we weren't made to swim with the other fish.

we were made to leap with the whales, to sing with the dolphins.

 perhaps it is our calling to be the odd ones.

 we are the nose-wrinklers and the coffee-drinkers. the sun-singers and the music-wearers. the ones that dance to no music and write when inspiration seems to be a thousand miles away.

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ~Marilyn Monroe 

so embrace those habits, those weird little things that make you sigh and smirk and giggle.

please don't let the world crush your song.

broken dreams make beautiful mosaics, after all.

catch the sun. sing His song.

be a quirk, little one. 


  1. amazing. the quote, the pictures, the post, i totally agree. thanks!

  2. that's my boy -- wrinkling his nose and dancing against the flow.

  3. wow, I love your writing. stop being so talented for awhile to give the rest of us a chance to catch up, would you?


  4. Beautiful, beautiful. I really agree with this post (and love the first picture).
    I also love your quotes. It's always good to have a quote in a post.

    we are the nose-wrinklers and the coffee drinkers. very, very cool imagery and I feel like I can really relate.
    Why does everyone say to be different and yet everyone copies each other in the way they dress, the things they say, and are shunned if they don't?
    Be yourself, whoever God made you to be.

  5. on a day when i feel so isolated and misunderstood, i needed this. thank you. <3

  6. YaY. Speaking out for the quirky people like me :) Love it! I'm going to be who I am because all the rest are taken.


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