Tuesday, October 4, 2011

stone dancer

 a gift of inspiration from my precious best friend
and from my King.  

this inspired me.

before you even read this post, you need to dwell upon the above link. 

watch it once. watch it twice. but watch it first. 

i watched breathless. heart stopped mid-beat and breath caught mid-inhale in my throat. tears poured, pooled into the cleft of my collarbone, and yet still continued. 

i watched it again. i searched for what about it struck such a powerful, shuddering chord in my soul. 

and then upon the third viewing, my vision cleared. 

it's this concept of stone. this concept of dance. 

for every dancer is a sculpture. 

it's a curse and a love we share. 

we seem to find ourselves frozen like Medusa's victim, imprisoned in this body of the dancer mold. 

if you dance, you know what i mean. 

and even if you don't, i think you know, too. 

we're all statues. 

limbs of cement and hearts of rock. 

we start off so solitary. repeating the same lists over and over again, so alone in this pressing of a crowded world. 

and then there is a touch on our souls. that hand that comes alongside. a partner to see this road through.

a lover. a friend. a parent. a mentor. 
{via pinterest
someone to take our fingers and whisper

i'll catch you.
He'll catch us both.  

and mingled with His light, we soar. 

feet never touch the ground, arms raised in this gesture of 

let go. 

and if we find that we must freeze into stone again, we are not alone. 

we become a duo. a trio. for now this compatriot has frozen with us. 

fingers brushed. hearts melded. 

breathing stone. 

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  1. WELL DONE RACH! You captured the dancers heart perfectly. This is why I put on those pointe shoes.

    You also captured how I feel when Zach takes hold of my hand and we dance. Whether it is swing dancing in a hall or slow dancing in the living room, you stirred the emotions within my soul.

    Love you girl!

  2. this is beautiful. i love contemporary dance so much. i can't really dance to save my life, but it moves me so much. i absolutely loved that video you shared. thank you for being my inspiration for the evening.

  3. this is so beautiful. lovely.
    i absolutely love to dance, and though it takes me awhile to learn the steps, it's something like drifting through the sky and weaving and swaying through the stars.

    beautiful post, Rachel!

  4. This is a breathless post. And of course your writing is exquisite and perfection itself. How do you do it? Put so much feeling and emotion into words strung together. I'm still trying to figure it out.

    Anyways, thank you.

  5. Breathless here. Absolutely beautiful.

  6. So beautiful. It caught me on an emotional day and made me cry.


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