Friday, October 7, 2011


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the word

now GO...

this ordinary has been forgotten.

we forget those little bits of life that are so important...

the most important. 

we seek glitter and glitz and so much different that we forget to see those things that are right in front of us. those bits of inspiration that are daily lost in this shuffle of seeking extraordinary.

yes, forever should we strive to be living lives that are beyond the pale, strong and rich for Him. 

but even this is ordinary.

we follow a King who cast His crown away. living among the dust and dirt and death and sin and pain of this world. 

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He who knew no sin...

...covered in this world's dust. with feet that needed washing, and yet He knelt and washed that of others. 

He was most extraordinary of the ordinary. this Man of sorrows, this King of Life. 

and we must not forget this place we hold in this world of shadow and strangeness. 

find the beam of light in the darkness. 

that one pebble along the beach.

that one moment in the passing of eternal time. 

this beauty in the plain. 

this is ordinary. 

this pursuit of the extraordinary. 


  1. Poetic thoughts. Yes, perhaps everything is so unordinary (every minute is a gift!) that that becomes what's ordinary. (Yet not forgotten.)

    I love that C.S. Lewis quote at the top of your blog, by the way!

  2. so beautifully written.
    always a delight to stop by here.

  3. just love this whole thought and comparison.

  4. this is brilliant! i love it. i love how you can always tie everything together in ways that i'm not sure i would have thought up. and these 5 minute Fridays that you's awesome. i don't think i could complete a little work of art like this in 5 minutes. very lovely and encouraging, dear heart. :)


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