Sunday, October 16, 2011

mountain petals

my best friend is now a wife.

i don't think i can fully comprehend it yet.

this entire week has past in a blur for me. a strange, complicated blur in which miracles can happen, the world stops turning for just a moment as two people become one, and small ocean beaches can turn into a fairyland.

i'm still wearing my bridesmaids dress. i can't bring myself to take it off.

this beautiful plum purple gown, barely brushing my knees, and my still-sandy bare toes are my reminders of this day. that, and a small cluster of dark purple and white flowers that lay beside my laptop as i type.

i'm a bit lost for words, i think.

this day was perfect.

a sunrise service on St. Augustine beach in Florida. a cluster of vest-clad young men and dark plum gowned girls, all barefoot and surrounding a chuppah of hewn logs and whispy white linen.

i wore the groom's ring on my thumb as i walked through the sand toward my place as the maid of honour.

and then she came. down the sand on her father's arm. her dress was perfect. her eyes were glowing.

i cried. 

the ceremony was words. close-held hands and tearful eyes.

 i do. 
i do. 

he dipped her down for a perfect kiss. they were joined together this morning on the sand.

they took hands and ran up the aisle. i thought they would never come back.

during the photographs that followed, i caught a moment with her groom. he smiled.

she's perfect. 

i hugged him and whispered, "be good to my girl."

he promised me he would. he promised us all he would.

at the reception, we laughed and ate as i sat next to my best friend and watched her blushing smiles toward the man across the table from her. this, her new husband.

i stumbled my way through my speech, voice cracking and tears spilling into broken sobs. she stood and hugged me. we cried together.

she took his hand and slipped into the silver car, with a final blown kiss at me and her weeping mother.

she is his. 
he is hers

this is the start of their forever.

congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Zachary and Alexandria Hightower
i pray you know how much i love you both.

{pictures from the wedding coming soon}


  1. This made me cry Rachel! Your posts are always so touching, but this one made me cry.... thank you for sharing... Alexandria is a lucky friend. :)

  2. awe, that was beautiful. Congratulations to your friends!

  3. this was just lovely. congratulations to them, give them both my best. this was just spectacular :))
    -jocee <3

  4. this is beautiful. i always cry at weddings. and i hate giving speeches...because i always cry like a baby and it gets embarrassing after a while. :P my best friend got married in this huge cathedral type church (she wanted it because of the amazing organ there), and the aisle we had to walk down was sooo long. i was so nervous i was shaking all the way down the aisle and then i cried through the whole ceremony...yeah, weddings turn me into a mess. :P haha.

    sorry...reminiscing over here. from the posts i've seen, it appears that you've had a truly beautiful week. i know the night after my best friend got married i was an emotional wreck (really tired, and just so many emotions flaring around). hopefully you will fare better than i did. i'm looking forward to seeing wedding pics. :)

  5. Sounds like a perfectly amazing day. So beautifully written. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  6. Weddings just make me cry. Even if they're on TV or I'm reading about them. It's just like one of the most beautiful things ever.

  7. You were this close to making me tear up. (: I imagine this is how I'll feel when my sister (aka best friend) gets married. So so beautiful.

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  9. A beautiful tribute to love and friendship. And that last photo totally rocks.

  10. Lovely. I'm still thinking about the paper crane thing you wrote for them...

  11. Oh! And the captcha I got was: "aryoked." Weird, eh?


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