Wednesday, October 12, 2011

paper cranes

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some people are laden with much, and they buckle. the pressure overwhelms them and they fall to the ground, crying

no more. 
please no more. 

and then there are some that are given so little. and they take these scraps of paper and string and make something so beautiful from their bits of nothing. 

these are the paper cranes. 

the ones made from just paper and string, and yet they rise. they are the lucky ones, these origami people. 

my best friend is a paper crane. 

her paper sweet and her ribbon worn with love and pulling. because people like to pull at precious things and see how long it takes them to break. 

and so they gripped her wings and pulled like little boys to tug the wings from a helpless butterfly while it flaps and weeps for pain and grief

but her wings held fast. 

my paper crane girl. 

she stood holding His hand, and his, and sang like a bird to the skies 

soon red paper turns to white, faded pink ribbon to lace and pearls. 

and she will hold His hand, and His, and whisper i do 

and take to the sky to start anew
a bit worn with tear filled eyes, but never torn.

because her man is a paper crane too.

another hard-pressed one whom i admire and love. another one who hasn't torn, but has tended to her wings to make sure she did not rip in two.

i wish you blue skies always, love. but i know, when the rain comes, he will hold your umbrella, and He will hold you both.

my paper cranes in love. 

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  1. Oh! This is so breathtaking.
    It makes me want to make and hang a paper crane in my room as a reminder of these words:

    "and then there are some that are given so little. and they take these scraps of paper and string and make something so beautiful from their bits of nothing.

    these are the paper cranes."


  2. what a beautiful blessing you bestow upon their marriage...and a 100 paper cranes to them...good wishes all...the bit on the pulling of the cranes but resisting..really like that...

  3. Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow wow wow. This is gorgeous and powerful.

    It sounds like you are so blessed with Alex's friendship (and her with yours, I'm sure). That's a beautiful thing.

  5. Sweet story of broken people in love. And the pictures ... beautiful.

  6. Hey there!
    I just found your blog, and I love it!
    I followed you!
    Check out my blog, It's a Love Story and follow me! Please :)

  7. This is lovely. I have admired Paper Cranes for a long time. They are beautiful.

  8. so pretty! i am plannning on doing paper crafts with my kids this weekend... i think i have to try doing these.

  9. she sang like a bird to the skies... rachel, i think this is one of your most beautiful pieces yet. so lovely.


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