Monday, October 17, 2011

abounding {129-141}

{your first sneak-peak at the wedding photos}
on this morning, my cup overflows.

i cannot even begin to express the condition of my heart as the Floridian sun caressed my cheek this morning, reminding me that my time to return has come.

i don't want to leave this place.

this place of love and connection and some of the most precious people that dwell in this world.

and even in the midst of all the stress and rushing that has flooded my path this week,

the blessings have been innumerable.

  • 129. ocean breezes and the crash of waves
  • 130. the sight of a fresh and pure bride stepping down the sand toward a glowing groom with handkerchief blindfolded, awaiting her touch on his shoulder, to turn and to see her for the first time.
  • 131. the tears on a mother's face as her daughter steps from child to woman
  • 132. laughter.
  • 133. swing dancing in the ocean waves as waves soak our skirts and the sunset kisses our lips and eyes. 
  • 134. secret smiles and inside jokes
  • 135. the reassuring and loving caress of a woman whom i call Mama
  • 136. my best friend, now a wife, as she sobs into my shoulder with so many smiles. this day was perfect for us both.
  • 136. love. the love of family. of friends. of man and wife. of 35 people gathered together. it was overwhelming. 
  • 137. the ordaining hand of God, bringing each moment together in the most perfect of ways.
  • 138. His provision. His promises are sure. 
  • 139. aching sides and streaming eyes as laughter echos from the bridal party's throats among the sandy dunes
  • 140. returning home when the time is right.
  • 141. knowing that i am loved, knowing that i am wanted and treasured. 
my list is endless this morning. i could write for hours. His grace is so much sufficiency for me

and so i board a plane and journey home. and i will weep as i kiss my second family goodbye. 

but for everything there is a season. a time to come, and a time to go.

and this has been my time

 of blessings never ending.

{linking as always with Ann this morning. this blessings are growing greater}


  1. what a beautiful offering this morning. thank you for sharing. . . it is a gift.

  2. Hey Rachel! Come by my blog when you can, my latest post includes you :)

  3. oh my...i'm in love with that picture of a picture being taken.
    the sweetness.


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