Friday, October 28, 2011


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the word
now GO...

i crave relevance. i ache to have a place of here and now in this world. where my past has blended into shadow and is no longer haunting my every step with its pack of has-been lies. 

i tend to place relevant and authentic on the same level. because how can we stand in a place of relevance to the world if we are not being authentic with Truth and Light? 

relevant means pertinent, connected to the matter at hand. 

authentic means real, not falsified. 

so you see how they must go together?

so many of my precious blogger friends are doing just that this weekend. they are wrapped up together in a place of relevant, authentic love and community. 

this place of sharing and precious connection where only computer screens had joined before. 

and i won't lie in that i envy them this. i wish i could be there with them, finding my corner of community with this thing that can feel so aloof at times. 

but i know i am here in my relevant place, where i need to be for such a time as this.

maybe someday, in another year, i will join them in their place. 

 i am not with this community now, but i am here. 

still authentic, still honest, still raw, and still craving this touch of relevance. 


  1. Beautiful! Happy Friday...Your blog is Awesome!

  2. I was just going to say it sounds like you are standing at the preficice of a door ready to cross the threshold...Then I read the above quote by Ann. Perfection
    Maybe I'm reading to much into your words, or maybe they stir something in me? From someone with a past that I pretended wasn't there, ran from and allowed way to much power I can say now I am free indeed.
    I read a quote I'm sure you are familiar with that has inspired me "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore"
    The shore being my past, new oceans, a life free in Him.
    Blessings and sorry for the wordy comment =)

  3. Happy friday to you too!
    I strive to stay authentic and relevant

  4. i love all your writing. it's so beautiful and touching!

  5. 5 minutes? i love it. you have a beautiful way with words

  6. Love the quote above. I actually know her sons (I was in an online class with them). Great family. My mom read her book (I don't know how many she has) and absolutely loved it:)

  7. Being relevant is so hard sometimes. Beautiful post.


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