Sunday, October 9, 2011


sometimes i wish i had camera-eyes. recorder ears. 

that all i had to do was blink and freeze every perfect moment, to turn around and download and share with those i love

because there are things i crave to share. 
but the words fall too short. 

i bite my feeble tongue because it cannot do what i wish it could. 

i can't press the glory of these sights. these sounds. oh, i ache to express fully. 

sometimes i wonder why God made us unable to speak our visions. why can we not simply let our lips part and flood this world with all we've seen. why must some things remain silent?

i want to use my tongue to paint the scene. the way the moon glows and the stars sing just so. the richness of the heather and lilac against my cheek. the kiss of wind in that perfect hair-ruffling instant. 

these are moments that i cannot share. 

this is between me and God.

this is sharing intimacy unlike any other with the Lord of Heaven. 

i am not sharing these things with Him

because He is sharing them with me

a gift, a moment, a sight so perfect. nothing on this Earth, not a scrap of this beauty, can compare to this realization that this is from Him. 

and so this music in my ear

this sight before my eyes

this moment which i crave to sink into my skin and glow from my core

these are intimacies with the King of Kings. with my Daddy God. 

this is the preciousness of privacy. 


  1. The past couple of months, I saw myself walk farther away from God. Days and days go by, the less I feel the presence of God with or near me. You make me want that relationship I once had with God back. I'm listening closely to the calling of my name from Him. I'm looking closely to calling of my future from Him. I know He is with me right now. There is nothing I can do to make Him love me less. It doesn't matter how far I walked away from Him, He is right there behind me waiting for me to run to Him, straight into His arms. But until then I'm looking for answers.

  2. "Nothing on this Earth, not a scrap of this beauty, can compare to this realization that this is from Him."
    Beautiful, Rachel.
    Your sister in Christ,

  3. love this so much. great, great post girl. lovely blog.

    love, rach.

  4. i totally get you. there are some things for which words just simply cannot and do not suffice. and that can be frustrating. but then there are some things...some moments...where i think to myself, "this memory is for me. this is mine. i don't want to / need to share it." and then they're like secrets between you and God. that's a sweet thing sometimes. it promotes much closeness.

  5. It comes in the art of living the moment...a thirty second rainbow just for our eyes...our name whispered by Him.

  6. ..."these are moments that i cannot share.
    this is between me and God."

    ..."these are intimacies with the King of Kings. with my Daddy God. this is the preciousness of privacy."

    Indescribable to others, and yet in these moments of sweetest communion, God speaks to our heart in undeniable ways~



  7. Ah, the joy of those moments when the King of kings bends down to whisper in my ear. Well said, Rachel!

  8. yes, yes, and yes! it is relationship. and while it frustrates on one level, i am so grateful for it on another. me and Him. ours. nobody can touch that.

  9. This is beautiful. I share a lot, but even I can think of things that He has whispered to me that I know are just between us. Not that it is anything strange or out of the ordinary of what He would say, but just because the words were meant just for me, in that moment.

    I love how you inspire, R!


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