Tuesday, October 4, 2011

autumn breeze {fourth giveaway}

Item No. 1
another month has come and gone.

i can hardly believe that September has now passed us by, and October is fresh upon us once again.

summer has waved a sweet goodbye, and autumn is now heavily upon us.

the leaves have changed from green to tones of red and gold and yellow. the air has kissed the heat of melting summer goodbye, and now the gentle brush of wind cools us. 

our hearts turn to thoughts of apple orchards and shivery autumn bonfires.

Item No. 2
and now, after such beautiful patience on all of your parts, i am so pleased to announce the start of October's inspired giveaway.

the gifts this month are so very beautiful, and come from such hearts of love and inspiration. 

three shops. fours stunning pieces. 

i am so greatful to brightANDcloudy {Stef}, Cscharms {Cecilia}, and alanainlove {Alana} for their beautiful work and their generosity to this corner of the world. 

Item No. 1: 9x12 print -- quote from The Help -- from alanainlove

Item No. 2: tan and blue rosebud stud earrings from brightANDcloudy.

Item No. 3: mum floral bobby pins {neon and kelly green} from brightANDcloudy

Item No. 3
Item No. 4: silver acorn charm from Cscharms

{here is how to enter to win one of these beautiful items. please leave each entry as a SEPARATE comment, and please leave your blog address or email address in at least one of the comments.}

(IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are one of my lovely international readers...i.e. not from the United States...please comment as such in one of your entry comments. This giveaway is certainly open to you, as well, but one of these shops is not an international shipper. Many lovely thanks!)

Entry No. 1 (mandatory): what is your favourite aspect of autumn and why? (+1)

Entry No. 2 (mandatory): follow this blog and put the new and improved button on your sidebar. (+1)

Entry No. 3: blog/tweet/Facebook about the giveaway, and leave a link to your post/tweet/blog post in the comment. (+3, one entry per and one comment per, please)

Entry No. 4: visit Alanas shop and comment with your favourite item from her shop. (+1)

Entry No. 5: visit Stef's shop and comment with your favourite item from her shop. (+1)

Entry No. 6: visit Cecilia's website and comment with your favourite item from her shop. (+1)

Item No. 4
Entry No. 7: purchase an item from any shop. {+10 entries per purchase; MUST BE VERIFIED before entries will be accepted}

autumn is beautiful. 

it may be my favourite season, this time of change and fading to rest. nothing more beautiful, nothing more refreshing. 

welcome to fall, friends. 

this giveaway closes at midnight CST on October 30th, 2011. winners will be drawn using Random.org and will be announced the following day. winners have 48 hours to accept their prizes, or new names will be drawn.


  1. I love autumn for so many reasons, but since I have to pick only one...
    I'm going to go with the weather. The crisp autumn breezes and clear blue skies just make me happy! Oh, and the crunchy leaves too ;)

  2. I love autumn cause of the vivid colors on the trees,the chance to wear scarves and fun jackets. Oh,and boots!!!! =)

  3. My favorite item from Alanas shop is ;
    enjoy the little things 9x12 ORIGINAL

  4. my favorite item in Stefs shop is;
    Punk Rock Glam Post Earrings

  5. In Cecilia's store I loved the Anchor Hoop Earrings too cute!

  6. truthfully, I am a summer girl, but autumn has a delicious aspect to it.
    it's cinnamon-y, it's hot chocolate-y, it's windy, it's full of crispy, orange leaves, it's full of stories and warm fires.
    autumn is like a story book. so scrumptious, but best left till a windy, chilly, rainy night;-)

    I am an international reader!

  7. I follow (of course!!) and I have your new and improved button on my sidebar!

  8. I love this item from alana's shop:

  9. I love this item from stef's shop!

  10. I love this item from cecilia's shop! I love all things nautical!

  11. My favorite aspect of Autumn is probably all the smells. And that certain feel you get when you wake up in a tent and get to cuddle up in a blanket and sweater infront of the fire drinking apple cider. (Wow, run on sentence.) I go camping a lot during the fall.

  12. Your button is in my sidebar!

  13. My favorite thing from Alana's shop is the "I Mustache You a Question" print. xD

  14. My fav item from Stef's shop is the halloween flower headband!

  15. My fav thing from Cecilia's website is the Tardis necklace!!

  16. Ooh la laahh. Well, I have to admit that I never really liked fall until this year came around, and I fell in love. Favorite thing? There's too many to pick just one, but I pretty much adore everything pumpkin flavored, including the treat of pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. (:

  17. I follow your blog, of course. And your button is on my good reads page. (:

  18. I love this from Alana's shop...so pretty:

  19. This, from Stef's shop, is absolutely amazing:

  20. So many lovelies in Cecilia's shop, but I've recently fallen in love with clocks:

  21. My favorite aspect of autumn is the chilly weather because I can wear sweaters, I can bake, I can wear scarves and socks, and we can have a fire in the fireplace.

  22. I follow and your button is on my sidebar.

  23. From Alana's shop, my favorite thing is the Help quote. :)

  24. From Stef's shop, I like this:

  25. Celia's website, I LOVE these anchor earrings:

  26. My favorite aspect of autumn is the cool, crip breezes.

  27. I follow you and placed your button on my sidebar.

  28. I really like this print in Alana's shop! http://www.etsy.com/listing/83680837/love-never-fails-9x12-original

  29. I really like this headband in Stef's shop: http://www.etsy.com/listing/71803568/trendy-teal-double-blossom-headband


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