Monday, October 24, 2011

autumn's blur {142-151}

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this week has been one of those confusing bits of time.

those times when all the days run together and it's hard to decipher where you even fall in the stretch of Sunday to Saturday. these are the times when things can seem very blurry, dizzying in their confusion. it's not that things have been awful or easily forgettable.

it's just been a blur.

 i think i'm still in a place of rest, of recovery, from my crazy beach wedding adventure. it's been a week now since my plane touched down on the tarmac and i left the Southern warmth. i returned to find that the Midwestern world kept turning without me, and fall came in a blink.

it's refreshing to inhale the cold. it's something about being home. about wool and peppermint hot chocolate.

about my lists continuing to grow, leaps and bounds of blessings that swell over me like a rush of autumn leaves.

  • 142. His love. forever and always, no matter what i do. i'm His daughter, the one for which He died. this never-changing glory. 
  • 143. tears of life. of joy. there is something powerful in knowing that tears are not only for brokenness, but for when light overflows into sparkling drops down your face. 
  • 144. the miracle that is my precious Granny. she is holding on...for just a bit me a chance to see her in the coming days before she slips from earth to Home. 
  • 145. peppermint hot chocolate and chicken pot pies in October. an early blessing and whisper of winter's promise
  • 146. so much closeness of family. we're all here, all close. this corner of the world is ours to share. 
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  • 147. carving pumpkins with little voices and hands. sparking eyes and rounded lips as they see their own work glowing in candlelight. 
  • 148. music. again, the mystery of notes and melody captivates me. 
  • 149. seeing my novel start to come together. pinboards and blog posts, cementing my imagination together. only seven days left until i begin, and i am no longer afraid. 
  • 150. giggles with my little sister. both adults but still refusing to grow up. 
  • 151. fairy tales. Prince Charming and enchanted roses. knowing that there is an eventual happily ever after for those who belong to Him. 
another scrap of ecletic blessings to fill my Monday. these streaks of watercolour on a week that threatened to bleed together all over again. 

but i held out for the colours. the cold will not freeze my soul, will not dim my eyes. 

this fade is the start 

of so many blessings. 

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  1. I love your list. It gives a beautiful look into your heart. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I just discovered your blog, and I love love love it! :)

  3. What a blessing to have such a close family...I love your list!

    joy & blessings,

    I found you over at Ann's blog. I am counting too.

  4. Reading this list made me happy. :) I've felt the same blur in my past couple of weeks- I've just felt so incredibly weirdly BUSY and unable to accomplish anything. Hopefully it's just a funk... I think I'm already starting to come out of it :)


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