Thursday, October 13, 2011

final arrival

she's next to me, curled up with a phone against her ear. her man is on the other end. ten hours away for one more night, and then he's here.

the groom and his attendants arrive tomorrow night. last night with just her and i before the men descend and the madness that leads to this marriage begins.

this is the night of coconut lotion and pampering.

of The King's Speech and one liter of Dr. Pepper each.

of so much aching laughter...but then again, that's been every night.

a night of a few shed tears and memories flooding as i run my fingers through her auburn hair, giggling as the smell of the hair dye overwhelms us both.

this is best friends on their last night alone together. 

she just tossed me a sheet of directions with six different languages on it, telling me just how to fix her lowlights. last night of preparations. because Zach is coming.

the groom is coming for his bride tomorrow.

the anticipation. the beautification. the preparations that abound and pile up around us.

it's a reminder of the Groom. waiting, planning. it is sacrilegious to picture Him shifting from foot to foot with excitement, looking at His Father?

is it time? can i go and bring her home now? 

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and His bride...what is she doing?

is she preparing? is she ready, waiting?

or is she still so dirty? does she still reek of world and flesh and old self?

come now, church.

our Groom awaits.

be ready. 


  1. Almost made me tear up as I was remembering my own wedding day, and night before wedding day.

  2. This is beautiful. Why is it that the happiest things are always tinged with bittersweet? I love reading your posts. They are always so inspiring. I feel like writing something after I read your posts.

    And you always choose the most beautiful pictures. Congratulations to Alexandria and you as her best friend who is no doubt always there for her. This is lovely. (I know I get very repetitive when I love something)

  3. this was so beautiful! okay, now i REALLY want to get married. thanks a lot, rachel :P no, i'm kidding, but i'm totally serious. this was just spectacular. :)))
    -jocee <3

  4. this is wonderful. you write about things so poignantly, giving us a strong sense of beauty and inspiration. i love that little line about six different language because it's so real. it makes this post about two real people, in a real life situation. (oh, and i love The King's Speech.) i hope these final days of preparation go very smoothly. best wishes to your friend. <3

  5. Such a lovely post! I feel your love for your sweet friend and the ending is just a delight. Yes! He waits for us. Oh, when that day comes...thank you for sparking the longing even more.

  6. stopping by from Jen's beautiful picture that you painted...


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