Friday, October 14, 2011


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the word
now GO...

there is something so amazing about spending a week with a bride in preparation. most people don't get to see this part. this is precious between just a sacred few. 

because we get to see it all. the anticipation, the waiting for her groom to arrive. ten hours away no more. he will be here, and someday is only two days away from being forever. 

but there is the other stuff too. 

the stuff scattered around the room, suitcases open and tousled, things strewn helter-skelter. because she's preparing in this week. 

it's more than just tulle and ribbon and last-minute shopping runs and hot glue and sewing kits. 

it's a change of life. 

she knows that soon, she will have a human parachute. 

it's a drop and catch type of affair. 

she's dropping one name, and catching another. 

she's dropping the old life, the old home, the old surroundings

and catching the new. 

the new existance with the man she has loved for so long without even realizing he was the one she loved. 

this is a strange kind of balance. this thing of drop and catch.

but the dropping is slowly coming to the end. 

the end is in sight. 

and the catch. 

that beautiful soft catch. 

of sand and beaches and sunrises and tearful i do's. 

of money and children and grey-haired futures.

welcome to the catch, love. 

{please forgive my lack of commenting, loves. when my dear one is married, expect a return from me
also, would you please leave Alex a word of love? two more days before she is a wife.}


  1. What a beautiful, beautiful way to see an upcoming wedding. Enjoy your beautiful time with the soon-to-be wife! And thank you for the reminder that even for something as beautiful as love to be caught, we must first drop the old. Oh, how often I cling to the old but the catch would be so much better.

  2. Rachel I miss commenting on your blog! So I'm going to try really hard and make time amidst all of the stuff I'm doing here. Your blog is just as inspiring and lovely as ever!! I love weddings, and I'm so proud of you for how you've juggled a play *and* preparations for this wedding, *and* everything else in life. :)

  3. beautiful, and how exciting :)


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