Saturday, October 29, 2011

days // hours // minutes

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we all have our comforts. 

those things that draw us in and bring us a sense of warmth during these final months of the year. the spirit of celebration and nostalgia begins to burn within our hearts, as if kindled by the colder air and swirling leaves in tones of red and gold. 

comforts and warmth are part of the season. these final two months that grace the year are full of so many things unique to them, and only them.

 perhaps it is why we look at our calenders and count the days like children, eager for whispering snow and silver bells. 

how many more minutes 'till Christmas?

i've always been the nostalgic one. the one that looks with fond memories over each tradition, each carefully packed away decoration. the smell of pine makes me dream of late winter nights spent with my sister, pouring over our brightly coloured pictures and decorating the tree on November 1st. 

it's only 365 days between each visit, you know. 

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but why does it feel so long between?

and why do i want it to come so fast this year? 

i'm catching myself drinking peppermint hot chocolate and longing to slip The Holiday or White Christmas into the DVD player. breaking my own firm rules: nothing Christmas until at least November. 

but we still have three full days until the eleventh month. i'm counting the days till Christmas on my fingers and toes. this sentimentality is killing me. 

perhaps Christmas is my comfort. the carols, the tinkling bells. the smells of pine and snow, the aroma that winter alone carries in its pocket. 

perhaps it is celebrating the start of my salvation. the stepping from gold to straw. from cries of Holy to cries for food and comfort from the throat of the King. 

God to Man combined. 

and so i will snuggle up with my peppermint hot chocolate, breaking my own little rule.

and this little girl will sit, counting... 

57 days. 1,364 hours. 81,864 minutes.


  1. this made my heart happy. both of those pictures are just wonderful. too! and I'm never one to wish Christmas upon us before Halloween has even come, but I've found myself waiting and wanting it this year. odd, hmm? perhaps, for this year at least, it's my comfort too.

  2. This made me excited! :)

  3. Beautiful post. Glad to know that I'm not the only one longing for Christmas!

  4. Rachel,
    I love the first photo. . .perfect picture of joy, and oh, Christmas. Even with pumpkins lining my porch, I'm longing for the months to come.

    Happy weekend, friend.

  5. Wonderful post! I absolutely adore Christmas too... it is a time of year that just feels magical :).


  6. Favorite post EVER.
    Two reasons.
    1: High School Musical. Enough said.
    2: CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Beautiful and cute. Christmas is so, so something. I just can't describe it. It's full of nostalgia. And warm music. Everything about it is wonderful.


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