Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the third page :: the Father's beginning

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sometimes i don't feel like getting ahead, this thing of push and pull and jerk and tug that seems to be so prevalent this time of year.

sometimes, i feel like hanging back a bit, because there's power in beginnings because it shows where you've been, where you used to stand and who you used to be.

because stories rarely start with once upon a time and end with and she stayed the same forever.

:: there is a change :: 

and sometimes i think we need to go back past the first breath of Saviour Child, before the word spoken to the cosmos when dark became light and nothing became something.

to before the beginning, even, when Heaven crossed swords and one thing lower sought to be Highest and overthrow the One who made him. when sonic booms and broken skies led to the the tumbling down of the once bright star and a third of his followers until they struck the earth and still kept sinking past the earth's burning core and into a vile black place of their own.
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when a Father touched His Son's shoulder 
and knew. 

because we see virgin mother and awestruck mortal father and tiny infant hands and feet tucked in manger straw with angels singing and shepherds worshiping. but there's another sacred corner. another Father, the only One who truly knew what must be done.

because He held the future in His Hand, and saw the coming. saw the scream of crucify Him crucify Him and saw the blood as lashes struck and thorns pressed into His Only Son's forehead as His sinless blood flowed into His eyes merging with the tears.

and He heard the wail of a broken Son crying out
My God, My God, oh, why have You forsaken Me? 

and still He touched His Son's shoulder and knew. and still He stood at Heaven's gates and gazed down upon this scene of nativity with moral flesh clothing His precious Son.

because His love for His broken ones, His people wandering in the darkness with hands outstretched and whispered pleas for overcame all.

so this is Love
not that we loved God
but that He loved us
and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 

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  1. wow. His love for us is SO great!!!

  2. your words are so intimidating & breathtakingly beautiful

  3. That God loves us. This is grace. This is Love.

  4. Wow. That first photo with the dreadlocked man and the child...that totally hit me hard. I see Joseph in that man, gazing at this child that is his, in a way, and yet an unfathomable mystery. What must have been going on in Joseph's heart during that first Christmas, and beyond...

  5. Becasue of his love for broken ones. Yes.

    Merry Christmas, sweet Rachel. It's been fun getting to know you a little better through your writing.

  6. Oh friend. Your words have a way of bringing tears to my eyes. Thank you for this reminder that He loves His broken.

  7. mmm...hard to envision giving up ones child like that...knowing what was to come...but that indeed is a greater love than we can often fathom...merry christmas rachel...

  8. such emotion and heart in your words, friend. i love the phrase, "a sacred corner." write on, rachel. and merry christmas!

  9. In awe of this gift of love and sacrifice. You've captured it well. Merry Christmas, and a very happy year to come. ((hugs))


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