Thursday, December 15, 2011

rage :: Light

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i heard a poem when i was in the first grade, and it's haunted me ever since.

i didn't know what the words meant, but i knew they had meaning. i knew that i would find out one day, if i just kept searching. 

do not go gentle into that good night
rage, rage against the dying of the light

all my life, these words have followed me. my entire life, i have heard this words whisper into my soul, a mantra of sorts that my soul sings over and over, a battle cry.  

now, i think i'm beginning to know what they mean. 

i always thought that rage meant to be angry, to be furious at the extinguishing of the light. but it means more that just anger, than just angst. 

it's fighting against it all. the fear, the expectations, the trepidation. it's warring against anything that quenches this Light. 

it's about stepping from the shadow into the Light, hands up and fingers parted to let every fluttering beam to slide into every crevice to let oh, so much strength flow into my every pore. 

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it's about finding the power. because the Light, the Son is more powerful than we are. 

rage, rage against the dying of the Light. 

maybe the author didn't mean for this piece to be taken this way, but isn't that what art is about? freedom and expression.

and so i read these words over and over again. they've pulled me forever, and i think they will always weave some kind of spell over me. 

it's all about stepping from broken to Grace, from dust to sovereign. and so that's what this poem says to my heart as Christmas comes and the the mystery of skin and flesh and bone and God and Eternity meld together with stable straw and beating hearts. 

and so as i stand under twinkle lights and white pine trees with silver and red and green, i have a hand raised. 

because i am not going gentle into that good night.
and i will rage, rage against the dying of the Light.  


  1. love that poem. i heard it and loved it so much, i posted on it not long ago. i will always fight against the dying of the Light♥

  2. i'm finally getting a chance to catch up on all of those posts of yours that i haven't gotten a chance to read the past few days (okay, week). i won't comment on them all...but they have touched me. this one in particular really moved me. i hadn't heard that poem before. now i carry it with me. thank you. this is a beautiful soul stirring post.

  3. "to let oh, so much strength flow into my every pore" -- I love the saturation imagery, complete surrender into trust, into action. There is such a beautiful tension between releasing and grasping -- leaving us at the mercy {in the shadow} of the Larger.
    I love your risk, rage on in all the ways that are life.


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