Saturday, December 31, 2011

final notes :: in review

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tomorrow is 2012. 

honestly, it's hard for me to believe that another year is so close. i can almost feel the smoothness of the chalkboard, that clean slate that lurks so near. it's refreshing. 

this year has been remarkable. 
and you've blessed me. 

and life has changed for the sacred, for the beautiful. 

i'm humbled to be surrounded by such incredible brothers and sisters as you, once strangers turned beloved friends who have held my hand as this year has tossed and turned. in the beauty, we celebrated. and in the darkness, we held up the candleflames. 

it has been a year of Light in this place. a year of drawing closer. 

and so, here they are. 

:: the ones that blessed you ::

we need more than our silent allotments of stand and sit and worship and listen and nothing more than this. we crave Him. we ache to go deeper. we want to search His will and see His heart and wrestle with Him in hand-to-hand until we find ourselves undone and exposed before Him. because He chose us too. 

i am walking on Grace alone.
Sometimes, I find myself at a loss for how much poetry I dream and then promptly forget upon my waking.
It is a powerful ache to realize just how much this world of chaos, of tears, of sleep-stolen moments and overbooked days has ripped my art from me.

if He makes all things new, all things good, all things beautiful -- then this i ache to emulate. i want to follow in His footsteps, stepping down the path with the ambition to dwell in His mercies
to make all things beautiful. to take my imperfections and make them into Art.
to make them dreaded. 

the three years worth of familial well-meaning words cut like the lies mixed with truth that they are...because really i'm not wasting anything.
why don't i go? i'm not called.
but i have wasted nothing.
this is rebirth, i would say. and it's painful.

and so i take my pen and my paper and my too-many thoughts and i sit and i wonder just what might happen if i knew something, anything at all.
i watch the people, feet on pavement and pavement on feet. and i realize what i know.
i know three things, because sarah kay says good things come in threes, and she's right, after all.

:: :: :: 

i cannot thank you enough. the blessings that you have poured over my head like anointing oil in this past year has been more than i can understand.

it's been a walk into sacredness, toward gripping the hem of the Son of the Most High. a walk into adventure, hand in hand with my Abba.

it's been the vigil of death with candles lit and joy coming fresh in the morning. it's been a path with more stones than i expected, and more joys than i could even fully pen.

be blessed in 2012, dearhearts. 

{also, for those of you that have been following my OneWord journey here and here, i have found my word. 
tomorrow, it will breathe. and it will begin. 
so much gratitude for all your prayers and all your blessings.}


  1. Happy new year, love! One of my greatest blessings this year has been you. :)

  2. you're not going to tell us your word? i have been waiting with much anticipation. i hope you tell us tomorrow. :) i'm so glad you found it, dear. happy new year, sweet friend. i'm so glad to have met you this old year. i look forward to the blessings that will be forthcoming.

  3. Happy new year, Rachel! I hope this year is full of blessings and peace for you and your family =)

  4. gorgeous. happy new year, and I can't wait to hear your word. (:

  5. The flower drawing is beautiful...did you draw it? Happy New Year:)


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