Wednesday, November 30, 2011

:: dreaded souls :: imperfection

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i've fallen in love with dreadlocks.

i'm not sure when this attraction began, when i first felt the pull toward these tangled twists of hair. i wasn't anticipating to have my heart transformed by a styling of hair.

but dreadlocks have woven themselves into my soul, this thing of turning hair into art, of pushing boundaries in the safest ways.

i associate them with artists, with canvas-breathers and word dancers. those curls that brush against the cheek of the bowed head over djembes and battered acoustic guitars.

there's something rich and so flooded with soul when art and dreads combine, a portrait in itself. it's ink swirling onto wood, it's light pouring through the window panes and casting colour and shadow everywhere.

it's unintentional art turned into powerful intention

 maybe i love them, these dreadlocks, because they're me.

is that too much, to compare myself to a style of freedom and tangled beauty that i can never fully comprehend?

who imagined such beauty could ever come from this? who invented this Light?

a tangle of smoothness, taking something once simple, twisting up into a complicated simplicity that changes souls as well as faces. it's imperfection, and it's beautiful.

and that's art. 
all on its own. 

and i've fallen in love.

and He who sit on the throne said, "see, I am making all things new." and He said, "write, for these words are faithful and true."

i may never have dreadlocks of my own. they aren't something my Love appreciates, being one who takes pleasure in my smooth hair.

but my soul is dreaded. 

i'm bound to embrace this imperfection that follows my feet. why would i not breathe it in, accept these imperfections and make them beautiful.

if He makes all things new, all things good, all things beautiful -- then this i ache to emulate. i want to follow in His footsteps, stepping down the path with the ambition to dwell in His mercies

to make all things beautiful. to take my imperfections and make them into Art.

to make them dreaded.

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  1. It is a beautiful thing to lay down your desires for another. You imitate Him.

  2. awesome! they do hold a interesting appeal...don't they?

  3. I love the ache and journey found in your words. These words in particular "maybe i love them, these dreadlocks, because they're me. is that too much, to compare myself to a style of freedom and tangled beauty that i can never fully comprehend?" Yes. Beautiful share, thank you.

  4. I've never thought of dreadlocks like that. I think I dislike them a bit less now. :)

  5. I have to confess...there is something that intrigues me about dreads to...maybe it is sweet emily...who wear them so beautifully...but I not sure @54 I could pull them off:)...I take my imperfections and make them art...just love the redemptive work of God in that...
    Blessings to another dread wearing want to be:)

  6. tangled beauty...that makes such a cool metaphor in itself...i wanted wife settled on the mohawk...haha...everything we see as an imperfection is a brush stroke you know...

  7. i've fallen in love with dread locks too! i love how it goes against an ideal image.

  8. Ah, Quinn took the words right out of my mouth. Enjoyed this.

  9. wow, i've never looked at dreadlocks from that persepective at all

  10. Well, you have enlightened me. I've never really thought of dreads in that way. But, it is beautiful how you weave this into your life. Yes, imperfect and beautiful.

  11. woot!!!!!!!!!! love this, dread-sister!!

  12. personally, i have never liked dreadlocks. they always seemed so matted and ugly. but not after reading this, i have a different view of them. great post, love. :))
    -jocee <3

  13. I actually have dreadlocks. They're blonde and they go past the middle of my back. I love them and i wouldn't change them for the world :) I loved this.


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